MagaSounds Music Is Fueled by Creativity and Euphoria

As a supporter of Jazz, Blues, and Techno, this Brazilian-based artist makes detailed compositions in service of modulating synths, deep bass tones, and airy atmospheric arpeggiations to reveal layers of beauty and complexity beneath his broad scoped music genre classification.

Given his unitary beginning in Brazil, the range this artist achieves—dubby downbeats, pure ambiance, and jazz-infused beat music— and it is extraordinary. One clear standout, "Starship Radio Tune," comes from Maga Sounds, aka seasoned Brazilian producer Guilherme Alfaya. With the release of his new album, 'Journey' he spans widely and encompasses genres like ambient techno and articulate dub, but he's seldom sounded as straight-up mesmeric as he does here. The drum groove is a laid-back house beat built from a centered 808 bang and synths that shift and glide like a sliver of butter skirting the edges of a hot skillet. The bright lead synthesizers shine back to the golden era of house music, crystalline so that they seem to glide just above the surface, a spaceship perpetually on the brink of taking off.

The centerpiece of the track is a gnarly clavinet-like arpeggiated synth that glitter and sparkle, as though in response to the enforced the motion of our own heartbeat. But then, toward the finale, a reminiscence of electronic ambiance rings out—a reminder, perhaps, of the moment we finally get to leave our enclosed spaces and return to the community spaces that promote the consumption of live music and dance.

Listen to "Starship Radio Tune" here.

Hey there, Maga Sounds! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're bumping your new single on repeat and are so happy to be featuring you! What were some of the main inspirations for this song? Did you run into any challenges during the culmination of this composition?

It was a bit challenging but still joyful. I passed a few dark moments before start working on the album, I had lost my job and I was very frustrated with the music business. The first album project started while I was teaching a friend how to produce. The things kept flowing and the whole album just came out.

What are some of the things you'd like people to experience when they listen to your music?

Well, I think my style is a bit introspective, hypnotic. My intentions are to take the listener through a ride in his imagination.

Has Brazilian culture influenced the way you consume music? What are some of the underlining inspirations that you can follow back to your roots growing up in Brazil?

For sure. Beyond producing I have an FM podcast here in my city. So I am always drinking to all kinds of music, especially Brazilian music. All of this contributes to the song maker I am for sure.

Thanks for being here at Buzz Music and letting us consume some of what you're cooking in the studio! What's next for you in the future?

With the álbum ready now I am focused in two things. My new Live Set and an old dream that is a psytrance release. Be sure that there's still a lot to happen this year.