Magazine Gap Brings a New Take on Alternative Pop With Their Latest Release

Magazine Gap is a critically acclaimed Alternative Pop-Soul band from London. The band since forming has since toured across Europe, the UK, and the U.S.A. The band recently released their latest single "Superficial" and we are absolutely in love with it. Right away the highlights are the extremely tight rhythm section and that ever so unique enchanting voice. Magazine Gap did not hold back on their abilities for a single moment for this record, it's groovy, funky, upbeat, relaxed, and puts you into an almost zen-like state.

The vocal melodies and tone are very reminiscent of classic Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes but bringing their own unique modern sound. Something about James' vocals really makes the song feel special. The guitar parts are expertly crafted to only shine while there is a vocal break before transforming back into a wah sound during the rest of the song while the key parts precisely follow the drums creating a flowing push and pull experience. "Superficial" is one of those tunes that you instantly feel compelled to from its slight sense of nostalgia but also has a modern flair to it that makes it shine. We are looking forward to the new album "What's That About?".

Listen to "Superficial" here.