Maggie Szabo Speaks on Needed Change With Her Single “Back Where We Started”

From Ontario to California, Los Angeles based pop singer/songwriter Maggie Szabo returns with her anthemic pop remix EP 'Back Where We Started: Remix Diary'. Known for tying in reoccurring themes of human rights, equality, and self-love, Maggie Szabo has gained a fierce following around the world all to get down with her vibrant sound. Her recent hit “Back Where We Started” captures Maggie Szabo’s conceptual imagery of routine love while lifting us out of the darkness with the track’s groundbreaking pop/electronic production. Maggie’s vocals stand more powerful than ever on this song, with elegance, poise, and persistence to fight for what she believes in. Right from the jump, we can feel the incredibly modern and empowering energy within “Back Where We Started”.

As Maggie Szabo’s vocals begin softly delivering lyrics surrounding a repetitive relationship while she gradually sings louder and more powerful, her vocals take a soaring turn at the hook with top-flight analogies that she effortlessly belts out. Not to mention the textured pop/progressive house beat that drops only to get us off our couch to dance. As “Back Where We Started” plays out we’re kept locked into the complex and exciting production that kicks our energy up a notch. Maggie Szabo has yet again provided an indulgent, heartfelt yet stimulating pop anthem, be sure to give it a listen.

You can find "Back where We Started" here.