"MaGik," Transfers Us to a Mesmerizing Bliss with ScareDaCat's Debut Single

ScareDaCat allows listeners to tap into a fusion of sounds with his latest single, “MaGik.”

Reigning from Wicklow, Ireland, Solo project ScareDaCat was brewed up in the mastermind of artist and producer, James O'Connor. After a heavy period of mastering the writing portion and much time carefully spent on building a solid foundation of the project during early 2020, ScareDaCat has released a 'narcotic', dream-like debut track, "MaGik,” that has captivated listeners from all over and created a lot of movement for this multi-talented artist.

Zoning in on sounds that carry a hypnotic presence that basks in an obscure atmosphere. ScareDaCat is delivering listeners a true taste of what’s in store.

“MaGik,” carries a variety of elements that intrigue the listener more than the last as this funky, down-tempo melody carries on through your headphones. The reverberated and misty vocals that sprinkle through the instrumentation add a flavor that is uniquely it's own as it adds an ominous presence to this record depicting a story of battling the voices in your head with your heartfelt emotion, all in this crazy journey of life.

ScareDaCat taps into a deeper headspace that develops reminiscent thoughts throughout the song. His ability to manipulate the components in the production process and create an exhilarated dreamscape in the tunes he concocts is outstanding.

The elements that are greeted as the song advances, allow listeners to be captivated for the duration of the song. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, the emotion in the earnest exhibition is exuded in an effortless manner between the delicate yet powerful flow of the vocals. It is no wonder why “MaGik,” is attracting the attention it is as ScareDaCat establishes a name for himself on this talented solo project.

Listen to "MaGik" here.

Hello ScareDeCat and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release and success of your debut single, “MaGik.” With a creation as unique as this record, what made you decide that this was going to be your first single?

Thanks, and it was the first song I'd written down, from start to finish for this project way back in March. I was nearly not going to release this as I feel like my sound is ever-changing, but decided against it as it made sense to release my first 'true' effort for my solo project

What does, “MaGik,” mean to you on a personal level? 

Let's just say, mind-altering substances.

We know that everyone’s creative process is different! When creating “MaGik,” which came first, the lyrics or the instrumentation?

The beat came first, for a good while actually. It was just something I threw up on my Instagram. As time went on I found myself humming, making melodies when I'd listen to it. 

How do you enjoy working as the mastermind behind this solo project? Have you ever worked in a team setting that you can compare it to? 

I've been in bands before, this is a very different experience. I think there's much more emotion in it. There's a sense of feeling that everything has been cranked up to 10 about every single aspect of your project and how you approach it and view it - whether it be stress/joy/reward etc. At the end of the day, it's only you.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

More lovely, lovely singles.