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Magnifying the Highlights of Paul Cafcae's Take on His Holiday Single

This past holiday season Russian/Canadian artist Paul Cafcae did a phenomenal job at showing off his cheer with his very own debut Christmas-inspired single, titled "Every Day is Christmas." Now that the holiday season is over, it's time we dig a bit deeper into Paul Cafcae's artistic motives behind the holiday single.

During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Paul Cafcae told readers that "Every Day is Christmas" was influenced by a big build-up of emotions. He shares his recent breakups and how impactful they can feel around the holidays. Nevertheless, Paul Cafcae is all about spreading some cheer amidst the masses, significant other in hand or not.

"Every Day is Christmas" was produced by a Christian producer, which Paul Cafcae shares is a first for him collaboration-wise. With such positive experiences being taken from the overall songwriting and recording process, Paul Cafcae ultimately enjoyed the true authenticity of the song. And with such authenticity, he's hoping that listeners can resonate and look inward. Keeping in mind that art can be understood in many ways, Paul Cafcae simply works to deliver messages of self-love, peace, and solitude.

These days, Paul Cafcae can't allude to what he'll be working on next, but he plans on cranking out some more songs within the next few months and is set to release something by the end of 2022!

Check out the full BuzzMusic article on Paul Cafcae and his single, "Every Day is Christmas," here.

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