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Maia Bends Genres with Her Magnetic Single, "P4M"

From the UK to Vancouver, the up-and-coming artist and singer-songwriter Maia wears her heart on her sleeve within the powerful single entitled "P4M."

Prioritizing authenticity and creativity in her art, Maia's lyrics and broad vocal range touch on life's realities and the relationships we form with others and ourselves. From appearing on local radio stations to virtual festivals, the future is bright for the young up and comer.

Getting to the goods, Maia's latest single, "P4M," offers a vulnerable and emotionally intense lyrical atmosphere. Alongside the song's alternative/r&b production and sonics, Maia is bound to leave her audience in awe of the song's powerful approach, lyrically and sonically.

"P4M" begins with short synth melodies that pave the way for Maia's heavenly vocals. Once she starts pouring her emotionally-rich vocals over this soft and serene tune, the background sonics begin to expand and offer this dimly-lit and dark atmosphere. Around the hook, a low-pitched vocal sample haunts our speakers alongside a growling bassline, deepening the song's emotion and grit.

Listening to Maia's lyricism, she paints incredibly tender and vulnerable images of yearning for someone's love while also feeling estranged from them at the same time. The sonics burst in flavor until the very last beat, especially as the sweet strings make their appearance and end the song on a mesmerizing and haunting note.

Let your heart flutter with Maia's intense and emotional single "P4M," and prepare yourself for more unique genre-bending sounds in the future.

We're deeply impressed with the emotion and weight your latest single carries. What inspired you to create the single "P4M?"

"P4M" was a song dedicated to all the flaws that we have as human beings, and the need to have faith in yourself and the ones you love to be better. When we all pray or even manifest or think beyond our current circumstances, there is a level of faith or belief in something that isn't here yet. P4M addresses how even though I and my loved ones have been through a lot, there's still a hope and desire for each of us to improve and be better. When writing your lyricism for "P4M," what was the central theme or message you wanted to convey to your audience?

When I and my friend were writing the song, we always channel it through my stories and freestyles. The central theme can be heard in the lines: I watched my mind make some mistakes, for too long/ Pray for me, so I can pray for you/Tell your mind to do, what you shouldn't do. I think that just summarizes that although we're striving to be better, we will still make mistakes since we're human. The lyricism follows the story of my internal dialogue of understanding my mistakes, wanting people to still have faith in me, and then discusses the level of self-doubt that comes with wanting to believe you're made for more. Could you expand on the production process for "P4M"? What was it like creating the song's heavy sonic atmosphere?

The song's heavy sonic atmosphere was like the leading inspiration to this song. Although the vocals are very soulful and have an amazing range throughout the song, the instrumental creates the dramatization and atmosphere to portray how much emotion is behind this. The song production was made up of cool tech sounds which is very much connected to my overall sound, as well as warped vocals that are used as breaks/guiding sounds to the structure of the chorus. Yet we have a very tech and vibey intro and a complete dramatic and classic operatic bridge alongside the strings. I feel like I got to show my variety so much in one song, I love it.

With three released singles, is there a running theme throughout your music? What has inspired your songs thus far?

Yes! There is a huge theme in my music, it is to be the alternative of what you think you want to hear, but once you hear it then it makes sense. It's as simple as that. My songs have all been inspired by my perception of life and the world. I just try to translate what resonates with me so well and think about how I can add my perspective to make it better.

What's next for you?

What's next for me? Creating music, finishing school, and figuring out how I can make all of y'all listen to my art and loving it.

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