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Maineyy Releases “Cold Shoulder”

Maineyy is a former ESPN, High School All-American who played for the university of Louisville under the Clemson Tigers where she arguably was a part of the most decorated recruiting class in the history of Clemson. Maineyy was born and raised in New Jersey before relocating due to school. Maineyy is quickly crafting her niche as a recording artist in the music industry.

Maineyy released her debut single titled “Cold Shoulder” and it began with an delicate melodic introduction that reminds me a lot like the invitation to a Daniel Caesar song. “Cold Shoulder” is this relaxing, cool-breeze, lo-fi hip-hop song that doesn’t focus too much on augmentations and dynamics yet delivering a feel-good vibe we can remember. “Cold Shoulder” has a poetically inversive lyrical display from Maineyy and it’s highly attractive. We were keyed into the music due to how extravagantly lush the production was from the simple beat to the contextual vocal delivery. “Cold Shoulder” isn’t a song to become hype to or cry to, it gives off the whole “Light an incense and sage” type of vibe with a flourish smell appearing from a candle and the natural vibrations from the music. Maineyy is an aesthetically pleasing artist and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next as she seems to be an artist with many surprises up her sleeve! “Cold Shoulder” is a magnificent way to display an intricate style to the realm of hip-hop and we’re absolutely here for it!

Listen to "Cold Shoulder" here and get to more about Maineyy below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers about yourself and your music?

Well I’m from New Jersey born and raised. I’m well known for my former status playing basketball and always made music behind the scenes. It wasn’t until 2014 I released my first mixtape and then couldn’t capitalize off of it because I was still tied up with College and school. Those were my darkest times because I wanted to fully just pursue music then but knew it wasn’t my time.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far?

My main challenge would really be promotion. I real just love the process and energy it requires to create a song and just simply want to release it and hope the world can feel it just like that...but it takes a strong grind to stay consistent and create a campaign to grow your fan base and get others tuning in to what you have going on.

Tell us about “Cold Shoulder” and the meaning behind it?

Cold Shoulder is dedicated to and inspired JT...they know who they are..Cold Shoulder is a song about knowing you can provide a vibe and energy for someone or something special and they’re playing hard to get. It’s about wanting to control someone so you can simply make them put their guard down, just to give you an opportunity to show what you have to offer. This isn’t only referring to love but even someone who maybe applying for a job, trying out for a team, and they keep getting the “thanks but no thanks” even the everyday independent artist can relate to receiving a “Cold Shoulder” whether it’s from radio, labels, or even’s a cold world nonetheless

How does the title reflect the theme of the song!?

The feel of the song definitely is a chill and sad vibe. It has a blues and jazz feel to it with the background vocals giving the production a soothing touch. Anyone who is feeling blue or just wanna chill vibe should definitely press play on “Cold Shoulder” it’s an icy track to say the least

What’s next for you?

I’ll be releasing my second single April 26th on all platforms. This one is the total opposite from Cold Shoulder because its uptempo and definitely is something that can be played in the clubs this summer!


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