Maison4ever Blesses Us With His Latest Banger, “Tear Jerker”

Maison4ever is an experienced artist with over ten years of experience writing music. Maison4ever has built a solid career around the signature taste he has cultivated over the past two years. Being born and raised in Detroit and Phoenix, Maison has been exposed to various environments, and being around a wide range of things has always kept him inspired.

Maison4ever showcases his uniqueness on his new single, "Tear Jerker." This song is about flexing on your haters while they watch on from the sidelines wishing they had what you have.

When feeling fresh and confident, who wouldn't put this on? Using lyrics like "I'm so sorry you ain't it" in the chorus, Maison4ever makes sure your heads are bopping, and you're all ears. In the second half of the record, Maison4ever talks about how he's too busy cashing out to notice the haters keeping track. As do we all feel like doing, building ourselves up in peace with zero distractions and negativity.

In his verse, he talked about his hood ties and how he doesn't lie about his experiences - saying they have all made him not the one to mess with, both on and off the rap scene.

In light of Maison4ever's recent progress, we will likely hear new music from him this year.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maison4ever! It's a pleasure to have you with us today. What moment inspired you to write your anthem, "Tear Jerker?"

EVERYTHING…all the music I write is pulled from things I observe or personally deal with and there are definitely hints of that I this…and also, I wanted to show my range as an artist and to do something completely different

Your writing ability has surpassed the 10 thousand hours of training. Do you feel you have mastered the art of rap after all your training throughout your ten years? Or do you still feel you could learn more?

I don't think the learning curve ever really ends when it comes to putting out art because every time you create and more real as an artist, you should learn a little something.

Hip-hop runs through the veins of our culture. What has hip-hop done for you as a youth growing up, and how has it affected your music?

Right when the internet blew up, I discovered hip hop in a deeper way just from downloading music and seeing things and because of that, I've listened to every era of hip hop thoroughly from the beginning all the way to current artists…shout out to the internet

With your popularity rising, what do you hope listeners take away from the Maison4ever experience?

A piece of me. I want people to get to know me a little better through my music… it's the way I'm choosing to tell my story

What's next for you?

Shows…tours… that's the logical next step after you create a buzz, am I right?