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Maison4ever Crashes the Party With a Stimulating Single, "Tucked in Her Lamb"

From Detroit to Pheonix, songwriter, rapper, and recording artist Maison4ever brings us the fire in a hot new release entitled "Tucked in Her Lamb."

Writing music for over ten years has led Maison4ever on a musical venture like no other. Developing his own style and building a career around it has given Maison4ever the opportunity to bring his passions into his everyday life while striving to form a solid connection with his fanbase.

The hip-hop artist recently released a heated and fresh single entitled "Tucked in Her Lamb," which continues to make waves across the independent music scene. Through Maison4ever's thrilling performance alongside his punchy bars and sonics, the song truly makes for an exciting and stimulating listening experience.

Diving into the single, "Tucked in Her Lamb," the track brings the heat right off the bat with its punchy bass-like synths that set the song's forceful and upbeat tone. As Maison4ever joins the party, he jumps into his bars surrounding his immense cash flow and keeping the girls close by his side. We love bars like "cash is coming in, I think we need a bigger bag," as it perfectly demonstrates Maison4ever's playful yet conceptual bars and songwriting abilities.

Moving through this powerhouse piece, the background sonics float with warm pads while the hefty drum breaks pierce our speakers with nothing but rhythm and groove. As Maison4ever makes his way around the hook one last time, he closes the song on an upbeat note while leaving us in need of more exciting and thrilling tracks like this.

Catch Maison4ever's engaging performance in his new single, "Tucked in Her Lamb," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maison4ever, we adore the engaging and stimulating feel of your latest single, "Tucked in Her Lamb." When did you begin writing ideas and bars for this hit? How long was the song in the making?

Well, I’m constantly writing so I ALWAYS have lyrics on standby but usually come up with the hooks right there on the spot in the studio that’s how THIS one was made.

What sort of listening experience did you want to offer your audience with "Tucked in Her Lamb?" What feelings or sensations did you want to give the listener?

When people listen to my music I'm offering an extension of me. I like for my music to be believable so that what the listener hears & sees from me adds up, my music is authentic.

Who produced the powerful sonics for "Tucked in Her Lamb?" What atmosphere or vibe did you want the production to offer?

A produce/engineer out of Nashville his name is Trent Waters he’s amazing. When we make music, we’ll usually pick out beats and just vibe to them. In no time I tell him “I think I got something.” We have a signature sound that we’ve been building on, so my songs that sound similar, come from him.

How do songs like "Tucked in Her Lamb" represent you and your overall brand? How can we get to know you better through releases like this?

Well, as I said, my music is an extension of me, and anything that I speak on, I have knowledge of. I’m not out here selling lies, when my fans meet me in real life I want them to be able to say, “he’s really like that.”

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

There’s nothing typical about my music because I really have crafted my own sound, and if someone is looking for higher quality content instead of what’s being played everywhere then I suggest they take a listen.


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