Majesty Da God Gives Listeners an Unforgettable Experience with Collaborative Track "Good"

Majesty Da God has been a music fanatic for as long as he can remember, and now, he's creating his own line of sound. With a very distinct sound, Majesty Da God works to manifest tracks with authenticity, as well as tracks that hone in on late 90's/early 00's Hip/Hop. Ultimately developing a uniquely-driven sound, Majesty Da God has released a song that can easily showcase his singularity.

Majesty Da God's latest single, "Good" features artist DeadEye, and the track has that enriching, reminiscent sound that many Hip/Hop fans can find themselves appreciating. "Good" can be dissected in various ways, right from its message, all the way to its chosen production.

Majesty Da God has a certain level of vigor and wisdom that he relays throughout "Good," which is easily picked up upon listening to the track. "Good" follows along with the understanding of life, lust, and love, and Majesty Da God relays his thoughts quite well and organized. He made sure that the track had a ton to take away from, and ultimately, leaving listeners anticipating more with new music. Majesty Da God is an artist that we feel the need to check up on, as his music expresses versatility, resiliency, and honesty.

"Good" felt very low-key and underground, full of inspirational wisdom on your behalf. What was the ultimate vision you had for the track and did you feel that the atmosphere it provided was aligned with your vision?

Honestly, when I first started working on the beat I wasn't too sure where I wanted to take it. I had been sitting on it for a few weeks before I sent it to DeadEye. She sent it back with her portion of the hook and I was just blown away. Around that same time, the protesting started for George Floyd's murder and I knew that I wanted to address the issues surrounding it. I thought the track and hook was a perfect vibe because it just sounded inspiring. Gospel music always gave me that feeling and that's what I wanted to give as well. DeadEye and the protesting definitely gave me the fuel to take it in that direction and I think we did a great job of speaking about the issues but still conveying that message of being inspired and being emotionally "good" to do something positive with that inspiration.

Are you able to share with our readers the main takeaway from "Good" that you were hoping to communicate with listeners?

The main thing that I wanted to communicate is that no matter what happens we have to stay "good" on all levels of our lives. That's spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, financially, and physically. I'm a true believer in the saying "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond." We can't control what others think or do, but if we're in a state where we love and value ourselves, you're almost always going to make a smart decision on how to respond.

As a music artist that's been attracted to music long before you began releasing it yourself, would you say that the initial mindset you had going into artistry maintained itself all the way through?

Not at all. I was a kid when I first started pursuing music. Now I'm a married man with kids of my own. At first, it was about me being the best rapper and having the best bars and trying to make it big so I can be rich and famous. Now it's about continuing to do what I love and to be able to share that with the world. And not really from a self-serving position, but because I think what I have to offer brings value if you are a fan of music.

What're some next steps you're hoping to take with your sound in the near future?

This is the first piece of music I've released since 2016 so at this point I just want to share more music. I'm going to be dropping singles every couple of weeks for the rest of 2020 so I'm just excited to be getting some new work out there.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Aside from my family, that always keeps me inspired, the fact that I know this life is finite. Between the pandemic and the continuous neglect of black lives, it has really shown me that tomorrow is never promised. And I know that's hella cliche, but it's true. So I just wanna give what I can give while I'm still here.