Makaveli Wealthy Brings Flair, Honesty and Impartiality With EP Release 'Warm Welcome'

Makaveli Wealthy is an emerging Hip/Hop and R&B artist, bringing an incredibly unfiltered sound for new listeners. As an artist that delves into their introspections, Makaveli Wealthy is all about sharing his vulnerable narrative, and we're all about being there to hear it. With a fresh and young prospect, Makaveli Wealthy didn't hold back any expressions with his recent EP release, 'Warm Welcome'. This EP truly encompasses the way Makaveli Wealthy goes about constructing his sound--as we said, he's an artist that lets listeners into his mind, so we suggest you enter the confines of 'Warm Welcome' with an open mindset.

Makaveli Wealthy has a raw approach with the way he executed his vocal sound in "Momma Working". It's clear that the song has a distinct flow stemming from the slightly atmospheric production, but it also brings a certain form of intensity with the way Makaveli Wealthy projects his vocals. The actual storyline of "Momma Working" honestly hones in on a personal perspective of Makaveli's, and we get to hear an interesting cascade of emotions regarding his life. "Teamwork", the second track off the EP, focuses on the same kind of energy that "Momma Working" had. This time though, Makaveli Wealthy shares a narrative of his success and drive. It's expected that the mix of the track matches the flow of Makaveli Wealthy, but "Teamwork" really felt more elevated to us. The production allowed for that retro-type feel that brings almost a J.Cole-like beat, but we found that the track really took a more personalized turn towards Makaveli, and definitely represented his exclusive sound. As we progress in the EP, we come across "Feels Good to Be Alive", and we can't lie, the delivery of Makaveli Wealthy in "Feels Good to Be Alive" sounds authentic in the way that you can tell the rap is organic and unedited. The track lets you in on more thoughts and proclamations of Makaveli Wealthy. He takes on a more contrasting persona in this particular track compared to other presented within the EP, and it's something you may catch if you really focus in on the theme of the song. "I'm Different" brings the EP into an intriguing light. If we're being completely honest, you'll likely find yourself evaluating the character of Makaveli Wealthy and being exposed to a different side of him (pun intended). The message in the track is foundationally expressive, so we urge you to dissect the offering by Makaveli Wealthy.

'Warm Welcome' comes to an end with its fifth track, "Dreams". Once you come to this track, you may already have the theme of the EP down. Although 'Warm Welcome' is open to creative interpretation, each track somehow builds off each other and explores a variety of stories about the innate perspective of Makaveli Wealthy, specifically the perspective he has on his own life and circumstances. "Dreams" followed this exact design, and was our favorite track from the EP. It conveyed a different rapping approach by Makaveli Wealthy that we hadn't seen yet in the track, which immediately attracted our attention, of course! We love the novel flow Makaveli Wealthy used to shake the vocal sound up in "Dreams", and we definitely thought it was the right way to end off his articulate EP.

Discover the rap stylings of Makaveli Wealthy in 'Warm Welcome' here.

Welcome, Makaveli Wealthy! Congratulations on the release of your 5-track EP, "Warm Welcome"! Are you able to share with our readers the overarching meaning that this EP has for you?

To Provide Knowledge & Wisdom To All My Listeners.

When we first listened through "Warm Welcome", we felt like we connected with a different part of your perspective. What kind of approach did you bring to the development of "Warm Welcome"? How did you want yourself to be interpreted?

I Want All  My Listeners To Feel Motivated & Energized When They Hear My Music.

With all of the emotion and expression packed into each track in "Warm Welcome", would you say there was a particular track that stood out for you significance-wise? What track would you say you felt most vulnerable writing

I’m Different Cause This Skill Set & Power Of Words Aren’t Acknowledged In Today’s Generation Of Music So I’m Different Showcases My Ability To Be Unique.

Thanks for the time, Makaveli Wealthy! It's great to have a better understanding of your music and the way you approached the creation of "Warm Welcome". Are there any projects in the near future that you're expecting to find yourself working with? New Single Hustle Out Now 2020 Single OTW & More Singles Coming & My 2nd EP Will Be Coming Out October 7th, 2020.