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Make the Necessary "Time," to Listen to Kid Yung's Captivating New Record

New wave Hip-Hop artist Kid Yung shares his charismatic latest single, “Time.”

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, but raised in Chicago, Illinois, Gregory D Buckner Jr., affectionately known as Kid Yung, is a jack-of-all-trades while he practices his craft as an artist, producer, emcee, and skateboarding comedian from the Southside of Chicago.

Kid Yung is becoming well known in the professional recording and music industry holding his sheer focus on the musical art he creates.

As one to never take his foot off the gas, this artist is grinding to make an impact with a progressive style unlike any other. Kid Yung incorporates his experience into a broad style of music produced by himself in the genre of hip-hop and R&B.

The tone for “Time,” is instantly set with a heavy-hitting bassline and enticing hi-hats that accompany a sample in such an enlightened modern wave to the genre of Hip-hop. Captivating us with a prominent delivery, Kid Yung carries his own through his verses and into the vocalization of his mesmerizing hook, “I ain’t got time, I ain’t got time, I ain’t got time for that.”

This record is a representation of all of the things in his life that he holds dear to him. Shining a light on the fact that he has a million things to prioritize and has absolutely no time for nonsense while working hard for what is truly important to him.

Kid Yung fuses together Hip-hop and R&B with the harmonies in his delivery that allow his lyricism and cadences to stand out above the rest. The perfectly timed ad-libs add that extra flavor to this record without overpowering the true meaning behind his well-crafted lyrics.

The confidence exuded through each word reveals the boisterous personality that Kid Yung represents. I dare you to try and not move to “Time,” because this entire record will immediately have you dancing and tapping your fingers and toes, no matter where you are.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kid Yung! We love this record! Could you please let us know what the creative process was like when creating “Time”?

I produced the beat for my homies to slay at first, but no one didn't put any lyrics on it. So I decided to make an effort on it. I wrote a decent hook and I wanted to make sure my flow was tight as possible. My homie Kasual helped polish my hook when recording in the studio and it came out great.

What was the studio session like when recording this track? I can only imagine how much fun was had with the way this record is presented!

Haha yeah for sure, I recorded right at home with my homie Kasual. It was fun and nerve-wracking because I was hoping I wasn't disturbing my mom. For the most part, I was comfortable and it felt right at the end.

What would you like listeners to take away from “Time”?

Time is valuable, and never take it for granted. Time is the only thing that's moving forward, so let's make it happen while we can. Ain't get it tomorrow, get it now.

As a Jack of all trades in the music industry, what made you decide to get into creating music?

I like melodic songs and they inspire me to create a sense of real music for our generation. I know I have some type of ear for music.

Do you have any releases planned before the end of 2020?

That is a maybe. I'm not sure, but I will say I do have some dope new material.

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