Make Way for Sophia Treadway and Her In-Depth Music Video, "I'm Good"

The Dallas-based singer-songwriter and dynamic pop artist Sophia Treadway stands her ground with the release of her empowering music video, "I'm Good."

Gaining interest from major players like Disney and Scooter Braun has led Sophia Treadway to make profound waves across the industry at a relatively young age. Recording music since the mere age of ten, Sophia Treadway is continually blossoming into a fully-developed and multi-faceted pop artist.

Recently releasing her conceptual music video for her single "I'm Good," viewers are able to witness a fully-realized Treadway as she stands her ground against someone who can't seem to commit and who only hits her line when the sun has set. Also delivering an energetic and confident performance to her lush pop single, Sophia Treadway exudes nothing but self-love and poise.

Diving into the music video for "I'm Good," we're met with scenes of Sophia Treadway reaching for her phone as the clock strikes midnight, only to roll her eyes at what seems to be a booty call. While accompanied by a contemplative and silent male lead, Sophia Treadway and her 'insignificant' other roll into scenes of needed conversations and arguments of where they stand.

Simultaneously, the video makes several cuts and transitions to Sophia Treadway and her sassy solo performance while standing her ground and explaining that she won't wait around for someone to commit. As the video ends with both parties standing back-to-back, we can't help but feel a sense of empowerment through Sophia Treadway's self-assured lyrical message and vibrant performance.

Watch Sophia Treadway's latest music video for her single, "I'm Good," on YouTube, and find the sassy single on all streaming platforms.

Congratulations on your latest release "I'm Good." We deeply admire the empowering theme and music video seen and heard on, "I'm Good." What moment or experience inspired you to create such a powerful single like this?

I was going through a breakup and realized how hard they truly are, but realized I’m worth it too. I’m good is all about self-worth. We don’t need someone who gives us 50%. It’s all about finding the right person who gives us that 100% and not going for anything less.

Regarding the music video for "I'm Good," what was it like working with Director Marc E. Williams? How did he make the shooting process easier and more efficient?

I’ve worked with Marc for over 10 years and he is one of the best in the music industry. We have a blast working together and we help strengthen each other’s creativity and a lot of it is bouncing back and forth ideas. This video was a blast to film and create.

Who was your male counterpart in the music video for "I'm Good"? Did you have to hold auditions for this role, or was it easy to come across someone who could play the part you were looking for?

We did we cast many male actors for this video. Over 300 people submitted for it but the minute we saw Logan Demaris the male role in the video. We knew it was gonna be him. I enjoyed working with him!

After watching and experiencing the overall music video for "I'm Good," what did you want your audience to take away for themselves?

I wanted my audience to take away the mindset that they are the prize and they are worth it. Make sure that your significant other loves and gives you all they have. And if they don’t you deserve to find someone who will. Be you and be the best version of yourself.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect more singles coming out, and currently, I’m working on a single that is in Spanish and English and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!