Make Your Own Story With the Instrumental Soundings of Ever Onward

Instrumental artist Ever Onward is back to showcase his vibrant expressions once more! When we first began listening to the compositions of Ever Onward, the project led by artist Colin Berardini, we felt completely immersed by the vivid imaginations of his soundings. To this day, we feel not at all different! Ever Onward aims to amaze with his post-rock integrations and wants listeners to come face-to-face with their most intrinsic emotions.

Delving right into his recent music, Ever Onward released "When All Is Said and Done", which features very tranquil and vivid instrumental expressions. With a focused guitar presence, combined with a combination of piano soundings, "When All Is Said and Done" was able to feel very magical. A consistent element we've noticed about Ever Onward is the fact that as an artist, Ever Onward never fails to arouse our senses. Our hearts flutter, and we eventually become completely invested into our own storyline we slowly make up as the instrumental track flows on in continuation. "When All Is Said and Done" has the perfect level of drama, which appears in the form of a more heightened instrumental performance near the halfway point of the song. Eventually, we're brought back down to the serene components the track has to offer, and Ever Onward slowly dissipates. Once the song came to a complete end, we felt overwhelmed by the power Ever Onward seemed to hold during the duration of "When All Is Said and Done". It was incredibly easy to construct your own story that fits in with the instrumental melody, and you find yourself almost attached to what you have created. All in all, we appreciated the creative freedom that Ever Onward continues to supply with the release of his music, and we hope that future releases from Ever Onward come out soon!

Discover Ever Onward's new song "When All Is Said and Done" here.