Making Waves In The Music Scene, “Broken Relationships” By Eminencee

Eminencee has experienced his own trials and tribulations to get him to where he is today. Born and raised Houstonian (Houston, Texas) former football player Jamie Shepard is delivering contemporary R&B hits for the soul. Eminencee is influenced by his experiences and real life. Eminencee left school at 13 to pursue a life on the street, he was a drug dealer until he was 21 when he decided he wanted to change his life and become an athlete. He put all his faith in God and now he makes music for the masses through his emotive lyricism that includes world views, different perceptions and relatable viewpoints in order to establish a solid foundation to build connections with his listener.

Eminencee released his EP “Climate” earlier this year that features the powerful and heartfelt track “Broken Relationships”. Eminencee gives the listener a look inside his feelings and is authentically vulnerable. He’s able to keep his listeners focused on a meaningful subject while delivering spectacular vocals and reciting purely poetic verses. Eminencee speaks his truth and his authenticity shines through. Raw and emotive, he describes his past relationship with this angelic woman. I love the Texas twang in Eminencee’s bars, he exudes an obvious confidence through the speakers. “The way you walk in that dress down the street, sometimes I wish I could play you on repeat” is repeated throughout the catchy hook and will surely be stuck in your head!

Check out “Broken Relationships” here!


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