Malcolm A and Dawn Richard Will Lift Your Mood With “We’re Ok”

Malcolm A is a rapper, singer, and producer who has just released his latest EP 'Dreamer EP.' He has been in the game of making music for over 14 years, and his experience is evident in his recent album. The EP includes five songs that each represent a different mood. From the album, Malcolm A collaborated with New Orleans' artist Dawn Richard to produce the catchy and uplifting song, "We're Ok." Malcolm A's "We're Ok" captures the listener in no time as singer Dawn Richard's belts out nonlyrical "ooh woahs" at an impressive soprano level. She shows off her vocal talent and wide range by hitting all of the high notes early on in "We're Ok." The backtrack highlights the vocals with a low key violin and trap beat. Malcolm A and Dawn Richard alternate their vocals; Dawn belts out each chorus as Malcolm raps the verses in between. Malcolm A raps the verses with a flowing sense of urgency. He stands out from many rappers by adding a melody to some lyrics, and showing his fans that he can sing too. The words provide an overall sense of satisfaction. Malcolm A and Dawn sing about staying strong through hardship. With his song "We're Ok," Malcolm A creates an energy of positivity and motivation to make it through the hard times. Listen to "We're Ok' here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Malcolm A! We were infused with positivity after listening to “We’re Ok.” Can you further describe the lyrics of the song for us? We're Ok, is based on not just relationships, but any type of struggle. Listen deeper to the hook as Dawn says, "thru the storm, thru the rain, thru the flood, we maintain, and the sun it will come and we'll say. We made it and we're ok. "  The hook is deep. It can be related to death, natural disasters, relationships, whatever struggle one is going thru at the moment.  My verses are constructed based on relationships to add a twist to the song. 

You have been making music for over 14 years! Can you tell us more about how music has been a part of your life, and how you first discovered your passion? I was always attracted to big sounds in music. I love hearing guitars, violins, pianos, etc.  I was 1st introduced to these sounds as a kid in the Baptist church. 

You told us that each song on your album “Dreamer EP” represents a different mood. Can you elaborate on this theme for your album? Dreamer is based on different events going on in my life during certain periods. The title track dreamer I'm referencing people not giving me credit for my talents.  Telling the audience I won't stop the grind until my dream is reached. I also reference the passing of a loved one.  Paradise is more of a party/ street song but with a musical twist. Kidd Kidd definitely adds the street credit to the song. I got ya is just as the title reads. It's a typical love song with a man and woman telling their point of view of commitment in a relationship. Making moves is a blueprint of my dream. It's about how I will reach my goals and dreams. We're Ok like stated above can be heard thru many different ears and/or situations. For example Case's "missing you" song.  That can be a love song or a song about someone that has recently passed. Different ears can hear that song in many ways. 

In your recent album “Dreamer EP,” you chose to collaborate with star artists from New Orleans including Dawn Richard, Kidd Kidd, and 3d Na’tee. Why did you choose to feature these artists? Can you tell us more about your collaboration with these musicians? I just wanted to showcase the amazing talent in Louisiana. All 3 of them are legends. We have so much talent in Louisiana. I feel that we don't get the same credit in the music business as places like New York or LA gets.  This was my opportunity to show that we have a voice here also. 

What's next for you? 

I have a new track called "She Don't" featuring Fly Boi Keno.  It's a New Orleans bounce track produced by Dee Day.  I can't wait for the world to hear this track. It will change the game. Something for the ladies to cut up to.