Malcolm A Leaves it All on the Table With New Single, "I'm Just Sayin"

Passion is exuded through the talents of Malcolm A with his highly anticipated single, “I’m Just Sayin.”

Malcolm A wears many hats as a multi-talented Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.

Growing up, Malcolm A was influenced by the Blues and R&B. Both his Father and Grandfather played a huge role in who Malcolm A is as an artist today, by introducing him to some of the greats such as, BB King, ZZ Hill, Boyz II Men, and Jodeci.

With an assembled team of veteran artists from New Orleans such as Dawn Richard, Kidd Kidd, and 3d Na'tee, Malcolm A is establishing his name and building his own empire.  I

f he can spread any message with his music, it’s the encouragement for everyone to live out their dreams and use the qualities and skills that we were blessed with. In developing his sound, Malcolm A’s latest single, “I’m Just Sayin,” flaunts his boisterous personality as he establishes his name and builds his own empire. 

“I’m Just Sayin,” emits the elements of a captivating Contemporary R&B record right from the start. The deep and intimate components that the instrumentation conveys have you searching your most earnest feelings while a story of dilemmas in love takes over the speakers. A tale we all know too well when you try to hash it out with the significant person you don’t want to let go. However, sometimes holding on hurts you more than setting each other free.

Malcolm A exudes his artistic versatility on both the Hip-hop and R&B spectrum. His delivery is equally profound and sensational as the soothing likes of his vocalization fill up your headspace. The beat and his singings allow for an effortless performance in the way that they flow together like butter in this sonic voyage.

It takes a lot for an artist to connect with listeners on a more cherished level and it seems that Malcolm A does so in a way that continues to garner attention from people all over the world. As a promising artist in the music industry, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the multi-talented creative.

Listen to "I'm Just Sayin" here.

Hello Malcolm A and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Congratulations on the release of, “I’m Just Sayin.” Could you please take us into the creative process for this charismatic record?

For this song, I just thought back on things that I've experienced in different relationships. It was weird writing the female talking parts, but I just sat back and thought of the things I've been told before. 

What does “I’m Just Sayin,” mean to you on a personal level?

I write all of my own music, so the track is very personal to me. I know many people can relate to the song from both male and female perspectives. 

What would you like listeners to take away from this record?

For the males, you should never give up your hustle and grind.  Just make sure you put that time into your relationship, so your lady can feel involved. For the ladies, just understand that you man has to hustle and grind. Try to be understanding and supportive of his dreams and career. 

We would love it if you could please take us into what the studio session looked like for the making of, “I’m Just Sayin?"

I had a vision that I wanted someone with a British accent to talk on my track. I found her, wrote the script, and got that back from her. I took to my guy Dee Day and he added her to the track. I zoned out and pretended like I was currently arguing about my situation with a past relationship. Trying to explain to her that I'm not in the streets messing around. I'm out there hustling to better us. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you? 

Just the reception I'm getting from my music keeps me motivated. There's no better feeling than hearing someone quote one of my songs or seeing their reaction to a punchline I have. I have a new song called "No Panties On" that's out now, and I have a video for it coming out very soon. I have a few more visuals that I scheduled to record soon. After that, I will release the full album called 'I'm Just Sayin' on 1.1.21.