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Malcolm Da Kid Shows His Vulnerability In “Dream Of You”

Malcolm Da Kid is a rapper from Bronx, NY whose sound is all about bridging the gaps between the punch of old-school hip-hop and the melodies of the modern scene, making for a catchy, yet edgy appeal. He is inspired by his friends and family, as well as the unique vibes of the East Coast.

Malcolm Da Kid released his latest single titled “Dream of you” and for some reason it had this way of tugging at our heart strings. Imagine thinking about a significant other while listening to a vibe song with lyrics that talks about a crush and the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship. It’s the perfect combination to really create a sudden urge of happiness and put you on a natural musical high. The canorous tune and melodic beat helped set the tone for the atmospheric and romantic energy “Dream Of You” projects. The lyrics were passionate yet crafty and witty with punchlines that showcased the brilliance in his rap skills. “Dream Of You” is appropriately fitting for this upcoming summer season where significant amount of love flings prosper during these warm and hot vacation days! Malcolm Da Kid has the perfect tendering hit for you hopeless romantics.

Check out "Dream Of You". Read our exclusive interview with Malcolm Da Kid below!

Hello Malcolm! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? 

Hey! Well first things first, thank you for interviewing me. I’m an independent artist coming from Bronx, New York who always had a passion for hip hop and music in general. Music has always been that one thing in my life that stuck out to me. I’m currently a college student, so I have to manage my time well when it comes to getting assignments done and working on new music. However, I make it work because if you truly want something to happen, you have to make it work. Other than that, I enjoy taking pictures with my canon, hanging out with my friends and loved ones, and being in creative spaces. I also dig fashion, It’s a form of self expression and I love that. 

What are some challenges you face as an independent artist?

As an independent artist, one of the main challenges I face is getting myself out there into the world. It’s all about finding the right connections with the right people because the truth is not everybody wants to see you succeed. I’ve never been like that, I want everybody to win at whatever it is they’re fighting for. I just believe that anything is possible, maybe I watched too much Disney growing up, but it’s true. 

Tell us about “Dream Of You” and the meaning behind it!?

Dream of You is personally one of my favorites. Have you ever walked down the street and quickly glance at someone you thought was the most amazing thing in that moment? That’s what Dream of You was about. That feeling of desire. The quickness to fall in love with the physical appearance of someone, but then question if that person feels the same about you. The only way to find out is by “shooting your shot” which could be a bit hard if you’re insecure. 

Did you have anybody special in mind while writing this love bop?

Yeah, I kind of did. I had a girl in mind I’m not gonna lie. However, it was more of me expressing how I was feeling about her and wondering how she felt about me. 

From your artist point of view, what is the most impacting moment in “Dream Of You” and why?

For me, it was the last line of my verse that was the most impactful. I said, “This love game rigged but I gotta tell the truth, I don’t really want to lose.” This line is revealing that I feel as if the game of love isn’t in my favor which is probably why I’m questioning being “the one” for someone I wish to be with. I’m also admitting that although I feel that way, I don’t want to lose the game of love because we all deserve love of course. 

What’s next for you?

I want to drop 1 more single and 1 more track on SoundCloud. After that, I want to start working on my first E.P project. I also want to branch out and work with more artists and creatives.


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