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Malea Releases Her Latest Hit "Hero"

Los Angeles based musician Malea is of Korean and Irish descent. Malea has lived her life in different countries, including Korea for several years while growing up with her grandparents in Long Island, New York. Due to Malea being immersed in two different cultures, it has resulted in her passion to stand up for causes like animal rights, the environment and politics. Being a graduate of the Manhattan School of music, Malea would later move to Los Angeles and from there, took her career in a new direction,becoming a recording artist.

Hero” comes with a beautiful music video and is a song dedicated to everyday people who make a difference every day. A blend of Americana and almost pop and country, Malea sings a beautiful and haunting melody. The full band brings a lot of energy to the song with Malea’s driving vocals. The vocals right before the spoken bridge are chilling as she belts into a strong and powerful note. A blend of piano, rhythm and acoustic guitars echo continually as we find ourselves completely immersed into this song. Empowering, and uplifting, Malea brings good vibes to the music realm and its listeners.



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