Malexes and Laila Montana Debut Their Collaborative Masterpiece, "Love"

With the piano as his agent for composition and the innate talent for manufacturing infatuating melodies, Malexes is a production force to be reckoned with.

Currently signed to seven international record labels, and with four full-length records out, this German-bred Producer is bound to leave his mark on the industry, continually expressing an abundance of profound sentiments every time he releases a taster from his upcoming Pop catalog.

This year, after the anticipated release of his most recent album, 'IV,' he beckons to his diverse network of talented collaborators for support on his latest single, "Love," festooning the backdrops of this timeless classic with the intimacy of Laila Montana's cherubic voice. 

"Love" feels like an immersive walk through a vocal-driven soundscape. Operating within a spacious atmosphere, where echos recede back into the hugging voids from which they ooze, Malexes' sonic curation takes form promptly, with Laila Montana's voice gliding across the expanses of his piano-laden mix like an empyrean songstress who's just been given wings.

"Take me somewhere meaningful, I'm riding to downfall with you," she sings, with an impressionable timbre; like a cross between Charlotte Day Wilson and Hannah Reid. For a few moments, you simmer in this therapeutic spot, where it sounds like the coloratura's voice is being treated with an old tape machine and played from vintage vinyl; texturized and crackling with that unmistakable characteristic of grit. 

Your attention is then fastened to the magnetic back-beat that lands healthy as the hook comes down, erupting with an unspoiled mid-tempo drive, and inaugurating the fleshy hook that comes appended: "and I don't know where I'm going, (yeah) I don't know what is coming, (yeah) I'm crucified by your love, love, love."

It's a short-lived escapade at only two minutes long, but at the same time, it feels meditative state that traverses between stanzas and chorus like a sun-set; slow and steady at first, then brilliant and prismatic all at once, before vanishing over the curvature of the earth; a testament to how beauty comes and goes, short-lived, but reoccurring. 

The pillars of warm and nurturing sonics that embellish "Love" shouldn't come as a surprise by now, Malexes has been honing-in on what makes music speak to audiences' souls for years, and with this latest single, he's nailed it once again. 

What were the defining factors behind making "Love" a short and sweet endeavor at just two minutes long? Malexes/ Laila: We wanted to make the message of "Love“ really clear and we thought that shortening the song to 2 minutes would be one vital aspect in doing so. At first hand, the song was a 3-minute long radio-edit, but breaking it down to 2 minutes felt fresh and new for us, so we really wanted to try that.

What sort of emotions were you trying to really focus on for "Love?" And why was it essential for you to highlight these sentiments now? Laila: The song is questioning the meaning and depth of real love and in the end, it’s a reminder to love yourself. I think that maybe now more than ever we really focus on what matters in life, we slow down, we look after each other and really listen to each other. I think sometimes being caught in our own bubble can make us feel lost. Love is something we all feel, whether it is for a friend, family, or partner - it’s ever-present. If you could give us a few words that would act as a prologue to the experience you intended behind "Love," what would you say and why? Malexes: We really want the listener to take a break for 2-minutes, focus on the vibe of the song, and eventually - enjoy it. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you? Laila: Being inspired a lot by personal growth during the past months, Malexes and I will release 2 more songs in November. So stay tuned!

Malexes: We shot a sick video for "Love" in Milan directed by the insanely talented young "Poelden", which will be available next week!