Malexes Debuts New and Upbeat Album 'High and Low'

Malexes is a Germany based music producer who creates exciting, forward-thinking Future House / Pop Music. Since starting his career, Malexes has had his music played on international radio and had a music placement on the Netflix original "Club de Cuervos".

Malexes recently released his upbeat grooving new album 'High And Low' and we are loving it. The album opens up with the title track "High And Low" and this record features a beautiful female vocal performance that teases in out enchanting vocoder effects, a dancing piano and drums that provide the perfect groove that supports the rest of the parts. The chorus of "High And Low" is the clear highlight, with the explosive characteristics of the instrumentation it will send any dance floor into a frenzy.

The following tune "Never Felt This Way" brings up the tempo with a modern piano rhythm that then perfectly leads into an ever so smooth male vocal that grabs your heart. The climax of "Never Felt This Way" shows off Malexes' creative effects with the distorted but clean vocal chops that pop in and out of your ears overtop of a satisfying drum rhythm. The ending perfectly leads into another high energy release "Pieces of Paper", this one introduces more ambient synth elements that life into an ethereal wave that washes through you. The classic Malexes vocal effects shine through again in the chorus with the evolving vocoder effects that keep you humming along to the hook.

"Way To The Moon" has to be the most dynamic song of the album, the vocals switch between a male and female performance that feels like a beautiful duet that has little flairs of ethereal magic in them. The chorus here brings in a deep bass that will be sure to make the dance floor shake. The following tune "And I Know' brings the tempo down a hair with a more emotional raw feeling to it. The vocal performance here has a very honest feeling with a lovely modern vibe to it that feels right in your face as you listen. The build-up in "And I Know" feels as if it's bringing the speed up a bit before letting it all go with an ever so groovy drop. "No Feelings Involved" definitely brings the feels. The song introduces an incredibly emotional rap performance and a floating subtle violin that slowly morphs into an exciting synth pluck. Although this one has a slower tempo to it, it has an interesting ballad movement to it - a dancing ballad, it works quite well.

The next record "There For Me" brings the tempo and energy back up with its punchy synth plucks that instantly get you grooving. The vocals bring an elegant attitude to this record that feels like the cherry on top. The melodic and rhythmic elements cause an intricate push and pull feeling that will keep you bobbing your head. This leads perfectly into the closing record "Thinking It Over", and this brings an interesting flair to the chorus that stands out from the album. Instead of the classic Malexes vocoded vocals this chorus brings the vocal energy way up and hits you with a memorable lyrical chant that quickly gets you singing along to. There's a subtle cinematic spark in this one that makes it the perfect conclusion to the "High And Low" album. Overall every song brings something new to the table but each delivers Malexes' promise of keeping it exciting and making you dance.