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Mali Ama Drenches Us in Desire with a Sensual Single, "Oh My"

Atlanta's own dynamic artist and soulful singer-songwriter Mali Ama drops a passionate ballad with the release of her fourth studio single, "Oh My."

Unapologetically creating music that emphasizes her unwillingness to compromise creativity, truth, and the essence of who she is, Mali Ama has proven that she's a dynamic player in our ever-changing and fast-paced industry. Through her distinguished and well-defined sound that drifts between contemporary r&b and alt-pop, Mali Ama never fails to swoon any and all audiences.

Expanding on her recent single, "Oh My," Mali Ama strikes listeners with the song's dense and lustful sonic atmosphere that sweetens our speakers with tones of r&b and the waviness of alt-pop. While she sings of waiting for Mr. Right to come knocking at her door, Mali Ama sways alongside the tender sonics and leaves us all the more refreshed.

Listening to "Oh My," Mali Ama strikes us with a cinematic intro through a bright and bold string section that swiftly meets the warm and groovy drum breaks. While the sonics soak our speakers in lust and desire through the wavy synths and textured drum patterns, Mali Ama begins serenading us with her angelic stylings while letting us into her emotional thoughts, wishing for the man of her dreams.

Moving through the song, Mali Ama exclaims her desire for someone while riding the smooth and sultry beat. The song's sonics continue to drift towards the outro while expelling the utmost passion through each soft synth, the snappy drum break, and the ethereal string melody. We're more than pleased with the serene outcome of Mali Ama's latest single, as it truly moves mountains in our hearts and minds.

Sink into a boundless passion with help from Mali Ama's recent single, "Oh My," and be on the lookout for her next move as she continues to dominate the contemporary r&b scene.

Hello MALI AMA, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We adore the limitless passion and lust you've delivered within your recent single, "Oh My." Where did you find the inspiration to create this warm-hearted track?

Thank you! To be honest, I don’t recall the inspiration at that time of crafting now this masterpiece, ‘Oh My’. I do remember it was late 2019 when I heard the sample and was like, oh yeah, I gotta write to this! I was harmonizing at first, then it built to the idea hmm let’s share your experience(s) of meeting a guy you like & hoping he doesn’t hurt you or fck it up!

During your creative process for "Oh My," what inspired the sweet and cinematic string section within the sonics? What did this element add to the existing sonics?

Funny thing, I had taken LSD and played the song to get into the vibe before I headed to the studio to lay vocals and I just heard strings. I found what I was looking for, chopped it up real quick, added the strings then headed to the studio. I felt it took ‘Oh My’ to another level. The strings gave the song such a cinematic vibe.

Are you familiar with writing lyricism straight from the heart, or do you often face challenges with vulnerability and channeling your emotional thoughts?

If I’m not feeling the song it’s definitely a struggle to tap in and express myself lyrically. Once I find a good loop and I come up with a title it's a little challenge but really fun (I love a challenge) to think about all the things that happened to you and put it into a song where people can relate or understand me better. I also find, at times, to be very vulnerable in front of the mic a challenge, it’s weird, but I’m working on it. Definitely gotten better with it though!

Can’t tell but it’s true.

Seeing as you've released four singles in total, do your releases share similar themes, lyrically and sonically? Or would you say that each of your released songs brings something different to the table?

I have an EP under my old artist name, so technically 8 if we’re counting. However, I do believe the two ‘SAY’ and ‘Oh My’ share a theme. They are the prelude to my upcoming EP. These two songs tell a piece of the story. The story of me being in a “situationship” that turned toxic. ‘ Say’ is like the backstory or summary of what I’m about to really tell you. ‘ Oh, My ‘ is the beginning, how it started. The other songs on the EP will give you the rest of the storyline. As for ‘ Look at me Now’ it is a personal song of how I feel about myself on my growth as a person and artist. All of my songs are def a vibe. I feel I’ve found my signature sound. Each song just gets better!

What's next for you?

Working, praying, and hoping for a tour, sync placements, and a nice big budget to give you all an epic Album!



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