Mallory Gets Real About Relationships in "305"

Once Mallory was first exposed to the music scene, through a church choir, she immediately fell in love with the idea of music. Since that moment, she has excelled with grace to become the very artist she is today.

Mallory has recently released her anticipated pop-inspired Hip/Hop single, "305." The track

has a serious underground edge with a subtle glamorous vibe. We know that combination sounds risky, and well, it is. Nevertheless, Mallory was able to execute it with a certain charm that is all too flavourful. Mallory embeds harmonious adlibs that bring on a familiar style to that of the early 00's R&B music scene and pairs it with a beat that adds a hypnotic essence to the rhythm of the track. Midway through "305," you may think Mallory sounds somewhat familiar to the early 00s R&B music scene, but with a contemporary twist.

The lyrics unravel, telling a story about certain obscurities within relationships and how a lack of transparency can lead to serious emotional consequences. Mallory clearly says it how it is throughout "305," allowing listeners to understand her in a more vulnerable and personal sense. This establishes an opportunity for listeners to form a connection with Mallory and her story. Many relatable elements are brought to light within "305," and it's very possible viewers could relate to the sentiments of Mallory. After "305," we're simply left in anticipation for Mallory's next engaging single release.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mallory, and congratulations on releasing "305". What a brash and forward single. Can you elaborate more on the thoughts leading up to the creation of the song?

My writing is so life-centered. Whether it's concerning hypothetical but highly realistic events and feelings, or experiences I've actually had, all my music is extremely real. I think a lot and very deeply, but I don't really share my thoughts and feelings until they come out in song form. I went to Miami for the first time a few months ago and at the same time, I was dealing with some personal things. The night I got back from Miami, I stayed up late, unpacking. I was alone at home with a glass of wine so my mind started going a mile a minute and the first verse of "305" just came out. I had to get it off my chest. The rest just came out in the studio where, again, I was releasing.

What were your immediate emotions following the release of "305?" What kind of reply were you hoping to receive from your listening base?

I'm kind of nervous for a few reasons. One, my music has never been conventional, and "305" is far from traditional R&B. I hear it one way (it makes me feel kind of gangsta' and savage), but others might hear it differently. My dad says it's dark. But, that's always going to happen and you never know what message people will take from the music. Secondly, I hope that the effort and quality that has gone into everything I'm making now is obvious. Three, people are always going to ask questions. Usually, people take your music and make up possible stories about where the songs come from. That's always nerve-wracking for me because I'm such a private person. It's hard to balance, being an artist, because nobody ever wants the lyrics, the story, to end with the track.

What kind of motives did you have whilst writing "305?"

I don't know that I had motives, maybe some hopes. Music is just how I release. I do hope it goes viral, but honestly, I just needed to get those things off my chest.

Do you see your future music following in similar footsteps to "305", or can listeners expect any drastic changes regarding the music of Mallory?

Well, my music will always be relatable and honest, so there won't be any changes there, but you never know what I'm going to pull out of my sleeve. No song of mine is the same and I have a variety of styles and vibes I'm working on.


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