Mallory Gives Us Dreamy R&B Stylings on New Single “Fantasy”

“Fantasy” delivers smooth Motown vibes, set to cool RnB beats, and Mallory’s sultry vocal stylings are the showcase of this fresh new track. Mallory Henderson has been singing since before she can remember. This Houston native has found love and admiration for her artistry while performing in the local music community. Now, more than ever is focused on dedicating her time to releasing new content for her adoring supporters. “Fantasy” has a contemporary urban vibe, and Mallory’s soulful voice has a captivating ability that transports you into the aura of the song.

“Fantasy” turns out a pan-cultural array of sounds, styles, and emotions. The music has a contemporary R&B profile, but Mallory sounds just as comfortable within the soundscapes. Mallory never over sings or oversells; her vocal gifts are delivered with an air of tranquility and calmness. A soft and sensual beat illuminate the track and, together with Mallory’s vulnerable and spellbinding lyric’s make the song a beautiful project to experience. “Fantasy’s” lyrics play out a euphoric experience, bathing the listener in love and light. This robust and soulful performer is bound to make her mark in the music industry. We defiantly haven’t seen the last of Malloy.

You can listen to “Fantasy” here.

Hello Mallory, and welcome to BuzzMusic. What were your driving forces of creating your new song “Fantasy”?

"Fantasy" was written with a state of bliss in mind. It describes that stage in a relationship in which the love feels unreal, too good to be true, "better than a fantasy."  When writing it, I definitely drew from my experiences.

Have you been influenced by artists in the RnB genre that have personally influenced your sound?

Absolutely. Chris Brown is my all-time favorite artist. His creativity and versatility will never cease to amaze me and I aspire to be like him when it comes to my vast artistry. When I'm listening to beats and writing I always think of him. I ask myself, "would Breezy stay in this box?" The answer is always "no" and that reminds me to push the envelope. That's why my ultimate goal is to work with him.

Other than that, when it comes to work ethic and presentation, of course, I'm inspired by Beyonce. And I'm a 90's baby, so even though the decade isn't my favorite musically, you can hear 90's R&B everywhere in my music. People always tell me my songs sound like a fusion between 90's R&B and current music, and I can't argue with that.

What have been some obstacles you have faced in life you have overcome in your pursuit of a career in music?

First and foremost, myself. I'm always in my head and when times get rough it's very easy for overthinking to turn into doubt and a lack of confidence. Secondly, resources. Being an independent artist is not easy and not having monetary backing makes it that much harder. Thirdly, loyal support. People don't see you until you've already been seen. It's pretty easy to understand how that becomes a cycle.

What is your creative process and how do you get in the mindset to create a piece?

There are times (like when I'm intentionally working on songs for a project) that I sit down with a glass of wine, subjects, and beats and get to work. But, honestly, I walk around my place all day singing random lyrics and melodies. They just come out. Then when something catches my ear, I pick up my phone and make a voice note to take to the studio and go on about my day. Who knows how many tunes have been lost because I didn't take the time to record those.

What can fans anticipate next from you, Mallory?

Collabs and my debut EP, "RFLXN." One thing this pandemic has done is give me more time to work on my craft, so people should definitely keep their eyes peeled and get ready for some more fire.