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Mallory Sets The Mood With Passionate, “Make Me Feel”

Houston native Mallory Henderson takes us on a romantic journey with her latest single, "Make Me Feel." Someone call the fire department because this song is hotter than a Texas summer.

Mallory's love for music started early and grew as she got older. In high school, she was introduced to industry veteran Papa Reu, landing her many features. When Mallory turned 18, she wrote and recorded her first song but never released it due to her battling depression. Instead, she decided to break from music, but her love and passion for singing brought her back. In June 2019, she released her debut single, "1 Hunned," and has never looked back. Overcoming adversity, Mallory followed her lifelong dream of becoming an artist while still advocating for those who suffer from mental health.

"Make Me Feel," tells a love story full of passion and lust. The beautiful mix between vocals and the organic beat is easy on the ears and has the power to pull you close to the one you love.

From start to finish, Mallory brings the meaning of love to life. We all long for that special someone, and this song reminds us how powerful the desire for love can be. Her powerful yet gentle voice is the center point of the music, with a light set of instrumentals in the background that set the tone.

Mallory is igniting that spark we all call love, get up to speed and listen to her latest single, "Make Me Feel," on all streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mallory, and congratulation on your latest single, "Make Me Feel." Who is one idol you look to for inspiration, and what inspires you about them?

I wouldn't say he, or anyone else, is an idol of mine, but I really look up to Chris Brown creatively. With every song I write or record, I'm thinking about ways to get out of my comfort zone and out of the box. He definitely is the motivation behind that because he can do so much, from crossing genres to painting to athletics, and it's all golden. I want to be that versatile and talented.

What inspired "Make Me Feel?"

The beat. I had just started working with Ugo Blk beats wisee, and he sent me what became the "Make me Feel" track. I put it on in the car, and as soon as I heard the intro, I kind of started moving my shoulders and said, "okay..." Then the beat dropped, and I sang, "You make me feel like dancin'..." And it did. The beat reminds me of those nights when you're at home with your significant other, shorts and a big tee on, drinking wine, and just dancing around the house together. It's fun and intimate. It just makes me feel close to somebody.

Is there any advice you would like to give to someone battling mental health and adversity? What helped you push through your struggles?

You're worth the work. I know firsthand that the deeper you are in bad mental health, the more it seems like something's wrong with you, or you're not worth life, and life isn't worth the struggle. But, our minds have ways of tricking us, and the more we give in to those tricks, the harder it is to see that the difference between depression, anxiety, etc., taking over and us living a better life is doing the work. It's hard: changing or getting professional help is a hard decision to make. Then the work to live a healthier life is even harder, and it never ends, but it's so worth it. Going to therapy is one of the best decisions I've ever made, and it's changed my life to the point at which I can see myself growing as it happens even when I'm not in therapy. It's gotten to the point at which when I'm not in therapy weekly, I want to be because the right therapist opens so many doors to alternate perspectives, self-awareness, tools for living, and so much more that lead to an elevated life and state of mind. The growth is addicting. Being the best version of yourself and knowing that you're worth that effort is addicting. All in all, I pray through struggles, and I talk to friends too, but (and this was definitely the answer to prayers) therapy is what's changed my life for the better.

What is on the horizon for Mallory? What goals or dreams do you have that you would like to accomplish?

I have new music and an EP on the way this year. I'm ready to hit the stage again. I want to work with bigger and bigger artists, start doing features again, sing at sporting events and festivals... There's so much I want to do on the way to whatever the pinnacle is for me. Just stay tuned.

What's the main message you're delivering in "Make Me Feel?"

Man, I don't know if there's even a specific message. I just wanted to send good vibes out for the Summer while keeping the good vibes going in my life too.

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