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Mambo Releases "Flora": Of Nordic Floor Ball, Denim Coats And Rainy Day Guitars

This Swedish indie rock piece of work called Mambo has come out with bright but driving release called “Flora,” and it’s breezy. Like on songs such as “Laughing Gas” and “Here Comes the Circus,” there’s a delightful warmth co-mingling with rainy day guitars. Cymbals are gentle, while kicks aren’t too obnoxious. The lyrics are thoughtful, though not in an austere way. This is ideal for people who love the denim jacket aisle, fancy a cropped haircut and enjoy a cheeky Sauv Blanc from time to time.

With “Flora,” mambo extends the range of their indie to more pop-rock ballad territory. It’s more immediate, more arresting, more crisp, and more inviting than your average alt-musician fare. I mean, it’s still quite fish n’ chips at the pub. It starts out slowly in the background and easily creeps into your heart. And why are there so many talented Nords just killing it these days, anyways? What’s that about? We're not trying to make some grand statement about how America needs to adopt Scandinavian-style healthcare, which is a fact. I’m just saying that if Mambo keeps it up they could find themselves playing innebandy (floor ball) on a team with fellow Swedes Max Martin (who produced The Weeknd and the Backstreet Boys) and Ludwig Göransson (Black Panther soundtrack, “This is America”) down in LA’s WeHo — because that’s also a thing. Mambo isn’t afraid to channel dark emotions, including the lies we’re fed about reality. But they push people towards inspiration and curiosity. They’re a relatively new outfit, having only written their first song on Christmas Day 2017. It will be interesting to see how their melodies and independent energy progresses.

Listen to "Flora" here, and connect with Mambo using the links below!



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