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Mami Mia Will Have You "Losin' Your Mind"

Hailing from the Bay Area, California, the sweet singer-songwriter and alternative-r&b recording artist Mami Mia serves sonic bliss in her latest sultry single, "Losin' Your Mind."

Subtly bold, sweet, spicy, and humbly confident; the true traits of a Leo sun Aquarius moon. Mami Mia is resilient; the younger recording artist was diagnosed with a severe case of SLE Lupus when she was twenty and created Mami Mia as an alter ego, a source of courage and strength. With inspirations like Jhene Aiko, Kali Uchis, and Gwen Stefani, we know we're in for a treat.

Mami Mia recently released her sensual and groovy single, "Losin' Your Mind," and she took us on quite the stimulating and captivating journey. The song's production offers just the right amount of nostalgia and modernity, and Mami Mia's vocals are nothing but timeless. We adore her passion and confidence within this track, and we're sure it will rub off onto her listeners.

Expanding on the single, "Losin' Your Mind," the venture begins with a warm and moody r&b keyboard melody while nostalgic synths sink into our ears. As the downtempo and sultry drums begin to tap through our speakers, Mami Mia brings us to her knees with her lustful lyrics and charismatic performance.

There's something about Mami Mia's vocal delivery that clutches our hearts with the utmost passion while she perfectly describes the emotions of a devoted relationship. We adore Mami Mia's ability to describe such intimate and personal scenarios; it truly lets us get to know her more intimately. As we groove our way to the outro, Mami Mia leaves us with a sonic serving of bliss.

Feel your heart flutter with Mami Mia's latest single, "Losin' Your Mind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mami Mia. What inspired you to create such an empowering and passionate song like this?

"Losin' Your Mind," all started with the beat. Whenever I'm basing a project off the beat, I always start by closing my eyes and letting the song transport me elsewhere. I ask myself questions like "How does this make me feel? What color is this song? What time of day is this song?" I knew right away it was giving me 90s vibes, so I knew it'd have to be passionate, sincere, vulnerable, and heartfelt. I thought about melodies and stylistic choices used in music back then, and I wanted to take that in and somehow make it my own. I've never made a song like this before, in so many ways, but it pushed me out of my comfort zone, in the best way.

What was your songwriting process like for "Losin' Your Mind"? Was it easy for you to paint such passionate and heartfelt images in your lyricism?

I will admit, this one gave me some trouble at first, haha- I'm still getting used to opening myself and my feelings in my lyrics. For the longest time, I only had the hook written out, and I'd sing that over and over again until I finally understood the concept of what I was saying.

I remember being on a flight to LA, and it all just hit me at once. I manifested that I would get that song done on that plane; I truly believed that I would finish "Losin' Your Mind" in 30 minutes, and I did, once I stopped overthinking, of course. I had over-complicated the process for months, trying to imagine the best story I could tell. But on that flight, I instead asked myself, "Ok, well what would I tell my love?" And it all just started pouring out from there. When writing this song, I wanted to allude to the excitement, yet insecurity, you might feel when starting a new relationship with someone. Despite those feelings, it is possible to leave the past behind and build and better yourself with someone else. It's a beautiful thing to finally feel strong enough to break down your walls.

Who produced the groovy sonic arrangements within "Losin Your Mind?" Was this your first time working with that producer?

Yes, on "Losin' Your Mind" I worked with a couple of young producers/beat-makers also from the Bay Area, Imagine Beatz (IG: @imaginerefrea) & Reeve (IG: @Reevetheproducer). This was my first time working with them, but it definitely won't be my last- these two are seriously talented. Last year, I had seen Imagine's beat-making videos on social media, and I loved his sound and work ethic. One day I hopped on a call with him to learn more about him and his experiences, and over time it just turned into a solid bond. He knew I made R&B type music and he sent over a few beats one day, and I was vibing with the one I chose for "Losin' Your Mind"; I love how the two producers worked together to modernize and replicate a West-Coast 90s-inspired beat. I feel like most of my songs don't have that West Coast feel, so it was fun getting to work with the infectious sound of my home.

How does "Losin' Your Mind" help new listeners get to know you better? Are passionate and personal songs like this a usual occurrence for you?

"Losin' Your Mind" definitely offers insight into who I am and what most of my music reflects- I always tend to create playful, "innocently suggestive" lyrics and melodies. This song has that push-and-pull, and duality that my persona also carries. I am what you're hearing- with all I do, I softly go hard, if that makes sense, haha. I think my music will always carry a sense of passion in one way or another because I am a very passionate person. I feel strongly about all I do and strive to do everything even better than the best of my ability. Music brings me to my happy place, so by listening to my songs, you are stepping into my world; a place of positivity, love, growth, silliness, sparkles, etc., haha. I aim to translate these feelings into sound and invite people into my world, which can hopefully be a place of calm for them as well. So I hope that through my music, my listeners can feel my spirit and energy. If you mess with my music, that means you mess with me- so I'll always be sending extra positive energy and love to my listeners.

What plans do you have for your music, going into the new year?

I am so excited for next year. I have so many releases and collaborations lined up and in the works. Time's going by fast, but I'm just so excited for what's to come. I think I have at least 9 projects and collaborations that are happening- I have a few already recorded, I have some fully written that I just need to record. And this isn't even counting the many projects I have that are still in the beginning stages. I have no idea what to expect for next year, but I'm expecting to work harder and smarter, that's for sure. I'll be working on a lot of collaborations with other creators- and only good things can come from creating with the pure intent to just create. I'm leaving my bad habits and toxic "newbie artist feelings" behind me, and hope to continue growing and flourishing with all the artists in my circle. So yes, Happy New Year everyone, and cheers to better days yall, because they're coming.


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