Man Made Hills Gives Us an Energy Boost With, "I'm Dead"

From Brooklyn, New York, singer-songwriter and blues/Americana artist Man Made Hills clutches our souls with his thrilling single, "I'm Dead," off his latest 10-track album, 'Lostboy.'

James Carrancio, a.k.a. Man Made Hills, creates a unique and vintage 1960s sound that reflects his timeless energy, innovation, and personal experiences. After taking a three-year hiatus to do stand-up comedy, he felt compelled to get back in the music scene. After reintroducing himself to music, he discovered a newfound ability to express his authentic messages through his unique vocal stylings that never fail to captivate listeners.

Now releasing his powerful and hearty 10-track album, 'Lostboy,' Man Made Hills brings us into various lyrical themes and concepts that help us get to know the man behind the music. Highlighting the 7th track, "I'm Dead," Man Made Hills drenches us in his raspy and alluring vocals alongside his bluesy instrumentals that lift our souls into the celestials.

Expanding on "I'm Dead," the track kicks off with a distorted rhythm guitar alongside a hefty bassline, a bright lead guitar, and powerful midtempo drum breaks. As soon as Man Made Hills joins the party, he takes us by surprise with his timeless, raw, and talented vocal stylings that refresh our ears with nothing but authenticity and nostalgia.

Continuing our venture into this soulful and bluesy tune, Man Made Hills leaves us stomping our feet to the song's hearty beat while focussing our attention on his vulnerable and emotional lyrical content. We love how Man Made Hills took his emotional lyrics and fused them into this mighty and striking banger, as it perfectly displays how complex his creative process actually is.

Experience the raw and soulful sounds of Man Made Hills' latest album, 'Lostboy,' and take a listen to the thrilling 7th track, "I'm Dead," while you're at it.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Man Made Hills. We can't get enough of the power and passion you've brought to your single, "I'm Dead." What inspired this hefty and exciting single?

Thank you! I was trying to write a very different song at the time and was struggling to come up with something I liked. As a way to cleanse my palate, I switched keys and started playing the most fun thing I could think of at the time. That idea turned into “I’m Dead”! And I had the whole song written twenty minutes later.

Was there a specific message or concept that you wanted to get across with your lyrics in "I'm Dead?”

This song isn’t too deep. It doesn’t have a strong message. It’s inspired by the Friday the 13th movies and it’s meant to be a fun bit of escapism.

How does "I'm Dead" tie into the overall album 'Lostboy?’ How does this song enhance or tell the album's story/concept?

The rest of the album is all very personal. It deals a lot with fear of death, personal demons and just living in the year 2020. This track is a step out of that. It’s like “okay enough of the deep stuff, let’s just dance”.

How can we get to know you better through your recent 10-track album, 'Lostboy?’ How does this album reflect who you are and what you represent as an artist?

I think that this album represents the way a lot of people feel, living in our time. Missing our loved ones, fear of death, still dealing with traumas in our past; each track focuses on something a little different under a bigger theme of just getting by and trying to get better.

What's next for you?

Next, I’m going to put out a few more music videos from the record, then start recording the next one. I already have an EP almost fully recorded I’m hoping to release in early 2022!