Mandala’s New EP “Damsel In Defense” Is OUT NOW!

Friends since high school and founding members of Mandala, Abe Azab and Morgan Fasanelli have been making music together since they were 17. Using music as an outlet for their emotions, funky rock collective Mandala creates powerful music with themes ranging from human rights, love, loss, confidence, struggle, and hope. With a tightknit group of members, Mandala has authentic chemistry both on and off stage. Their new EP “Damsel In Defense” proves that Mandala is on a mission to create an experience through their music by telling their story.

She Don’t Mind” is featured on Mandala’s latest EP and we’re grooving to this new hit through the office. With undertones of psychedelic funk-rock, “She Don’t Mind” brings back the danceable and contagious qualities frequently absent from modern music. Lead singer Morgan is electrifying, explosive, and comparable to legendary vocalists like Hayley Williams of Paramore. The melody and rhythm have us instantly addicted to this catchy new track. “She Don’t Mind” is an empowering anthem that sets Mandala apart in the music industry in a big way. Mandala lets the listener see their inner thoughts and feelings from a new perspective. It’s admirable for artists to be able to let their listeners connect with them on a personal level. I think “She Don’t Mind” is a track that everyone can vibe and relate to. I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for more from Mandala! 

Listen to “She Don’t Mind” here and read more with Mandala below! 


Hi Mandala! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing all of the members of Mandala? How would you describe your overall approach to making music? 


We’ve got Morgan Fasanelli, 21, vocals. 

Abe Azab, 23, vocals and guitar. 

Sean Connelly, 22, drums.

Pat Mulholland, 23, guitar.

Matt Rosano, 22, bass. 

Our overall approach to music is a serious in the moment thought that then grows and develops over time. A lot of our writing and sound ends up being a cultivation of time and thought mixed with performance and consideration for previous thought.


How do you think "Damsel In Defense" compares to your first album? How do you think your overall sound has progressed since the release of your first album?

Our first album, and even our second we’re written and recorded during very formative parts of our lives and our young adulthood. They’ve got a lot more angst behind them but the same soul as always. Since our first album, Valley People, through to our second, Cash For Smiles, this new EP, Damsel in Defense, is a more matured sound. It’s our cleanest, grooviest sound yet as well. We really pushed ourselves while cultivating these tracks, all the way through to the final day of uploading. As a group I think we’ve all mentally progressed in the same direction and we tried to capture that energy and emotion on this EP. 

“She Don’t Mind” is an especially high energy track from this project. Can you tell us about the writing/recording process for this song? 

Originally the song was written completely opposite of the feeling “high energy”, it sounded almost like a folk song and was half the tempo that it is on the record. Abe kept pitching the riff to the band but we all couldn’t see the vision. One of our friends was listening and suggested that we literally speed the song up, almost double the tempo. From that moment it just started to click. It was suddenly this dancy, choppy song that was bursting with energy. From that point it was easy. Morgan wrote the entire verse, and we used Abe’s original chorus, but added some changes. It’s easily become one of the most favorited songs to play in the group.

You mention that Mandala holds a special kind of chemistry with one another, how does that energy transfer to a live show? 

Morgan and Abe are the only founding members of the group so they bring the originality and true heart of Mandala. Sean, Matt, and Pat have a very cohesive vibe with one another where the grooves and rhythms are on a similar wave. Together we create a Mandala sound that just naturally happens. We all bring our own individuality to the table and push each other creatively. At live shows, no matter how many people there are as long as the five of us are up there together we’ll have a good time. We just love to entertain, and perform. We’re a unit. 

Thank you for allowing us to feature your music! Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to tell us about? We can't wait to hear more!

Thank Y’ALL for having us & shows, yes always. 

October 5th-The Acoustic in Bridgeport, CT

October 11th-The Barbary for Rubbers Record Release Show (Philadelphia, PA)

October 12th-The Cave (North Philadelphia)

October 19th-The Well (Brooklyn, NY)

October 31st-The Headquarters (New Britain, CT) Halloween Party


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