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Mandy Corrente Aims To Be Among The “Superstars”

Coming from Miami, Florida, Mandy Corrente gives us “Superstars,” her new urban/hip-hop single, with such a flow you wouldn’t believe she is nine years old.

Mandy Corrente is a nine-year-old dancer, singer, and actress who is already showing she was born to be an incredible artist. Thanks to her talent and fantastic charisma, she has already captivated the hearts of thousands of fans and the looks of superstars such as Shakira. Thus, if you want to see the future, you must learn about Mandy Corrente.

“Superstars,” produced by Silverio Lozada, Daniela Corrente, and Nyan Lamar, is Mandy Corrente's first collaboration, this time with the Colombian-born infant artist Kymani Florez. Together they successfully captured the most colorful and moving aspects of the Caribbean urban music that is taking over the world. And now is Mandy’s turn to do so.

Getting into the track starts with a fast-paced beat and hyping notes alongside Mandy’s sweet vocals. Then she gets in with the lyrics, inviting you to dance, as a buzzing bass runs through your ears and the afrobeat drums through your legs. The only thing you can do at that moment is starting to move.

Kyami does an amazing rap with his energizing voice that pairs perfectly with the hip-hop rhythm. He puts the vibes at the top and your body on the move. You can taste the Latino essence in these kids, who are already great stars. You simply can’t miss what they are doing in “Superstars.”

Put on your shiny shoes and dance along with the upbeat sound of “Superstars.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mandy Corrente. What was the funniest moment when making "Superstars?"

The funniest moment was when Kymani and I played around together; we couldn't stop laughing. We had so much fun!

How do you expect "Superstars" to impact your career?

"Superstars" is my first music collab, and I love to share with other artists pursuing their dreams like me, so I would like to do more collaborations in the future.

How have dancing and acting influenced your music?

Dancing and acting have helped me with my music because I love entertaining. Acting has helped me express emotion in my songs, and dancing brings energy to my performance! I would love to be on the big screen doing what I love dancing, singing, and acting.

What do you like the most about making music?

I think music is fun; you can express your feelings, be yourself, and meet many new people who are also super talented.

What's next for you?

I will continue making music, dancing, and making videos. In addition, I want to act and learn how to make my own music, so I will keep learning and growing as an entertainer!

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