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Manifest Success With Lyndon Laveaux And His New Single, “23”

The Miami-born MC and Rapper Lyndon Laveaux has returned to Buzzmusic with a fresh, energetic hit single, “23."

Laveaux keeps the consistency and wordplay he’s known for alive and thriving. “23 is the year of me; 23 is the year of we”. This new record is an absolute banger and an ode to success. It’s a perfect manifestation of having a prosperous year.

This uplifting record begins with heart-wrenching orchestral strings that evoke the same emotions as being in the locker room before a championship game. But the game is life, and the listener is here to win.

As the beat drops in with heavy 808s pushing a monstrous trap beat, envisioning a champagne celebration is no struggle. It is all you can see. This record makes you want to jump out of bed and take on any adversity that DARES to stand in the way of you and your success. “Lesson learned, my turn.” We all make mistakes, yet Lyndon Laveaux has absorbed what needed to be learned and is now in his Super-Saiyan form, propelling us forward with every bar.

The journey from the commencement of Laveaux’s career to now has been one to note. With numerous mentors who have continually impacted the growth of his craft and the projection of his career, he never fails to give credit where it is due while always shining a light on the importance of community, collaboration, and improvement.

Whether it’s the motivation you’re seeking or classic high-energy hip hop, this new record provides both and everything in between. Soak in the infectious encouragement on Lyndon Laveaux’s new single, “23,” out now on all streaming platforms.

It’s a pleasure having you on BuzzMusic again, Lyndon Laveaux. It seems your upward trajectory shows no signs of stopping. What would you say have been your main sources of motivation for your perseverance in your career?

Man, first and foremost, thank you for supporting me through the years. It's meant a lot to me truly, never enough words, and to answer your question, what's my source of motivation? Well, it begins with self; my belief in my actions has always held me down despite what friends or family may say. I’ve had people close to me tell me to stop what I’m doing; those moments hurt me immensely, but what kept me going was the idea that it would pay off. I observed my growth through the years and understood, as the great Nipsey Hussle expressed, this thing is a marathon. I knew I was getting better. The world just needed to catch up, or maybe I needed to get better, but regardless, I knew I brought a lot to the Zeitgeist of Hip Hop. In addition, I’m inspired by my peers, from those who are in my genre and those who aren’t. I strongly believe steel sharpens steel, and we can get better by observing each other.

Congratulations on your release, “23” is an incredibly infectious record. Were there any significant events that inspired the success-directed lyrics?

I wish there were a braggadocious reason I wrote this record, but it came from an insecurity that was high time I secured. I had a panic attack earlier this year. I'm fortunate to be around some significantly talented people on this journey. This can be fuel; at other times, imposter syndrome is happening. At the time of the panic attack, I was on the latter, but when I found myself out of it with the help of therapeutic techniques, etc., I decided to write just for the sake of it, which ended up being an EP that 23 was the single off of. There’s freedom in honoring your truth while simultaneously advancing your artistry. So consider this record an affirmation of myself.

With so many influences and helping hands along your path to today, do you find it difficult to keep so many relationships intact?

I did at one point, but what’s helped me with that is the understanding that relationships change, they evolve and sometimes devolve, but my saving grace is that whoever is in my circle, whoever reps Swaggfia (my music collective), is supposed to be here. I’m grateful for those in my life artistically.

You have stated your mother's influence and her musical tastes early on in your life, including the quote, “Words have power.” Would you say that “23” is geared towards speaking success into existence?

I know wholeheartedly that my team and I are gonna EAT. It took me a minute to believe I could be at the forefront of that success. Trauma/insecurity kept me from being confident in myself, but I learned that words have real power through healing and the amalgamation of necessary steps. I advise those reading this to trust your intuition; your soul has all the answers, and keep trusting the third eye.

What does the trajectory for the rest of the year look like for your fans? Is there more heat on the way?

More anthems are coming, meaning mad music coming with a fierceness. Swaggfia coming through heavily. Young Tez’s Life Happens is out right now! I have my EP coming, and Rocki So Crazi (The Princess of Swaggfia) got SO MUCH top-tier sounds coming y’all way! Visuals will be coming something serious as well; best believe we coming through HEAVY!! What I can say to my fans is, thank you for rockin' me, and know that what’s to come will immensely top shelf.


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