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Manoela Wunder Spreads Her Wings While She Thinks Of The “Memories” Made

Manoela Wunder brings a soft-spoken sound with a whimsical instrumental as she introduces us to her recent single "Memories."

Manoela, a native of Rio De Janerio, is a multi-instrumentalist artist that established herself in LA. She is classically trained in jazz, blues, and rock and actively composing and arranging music. Manoela is an exceptionally great artist live.

She has been featured in many films, tv shows, and commercials and regularly plays as a solo guest violinist with many local acts in her area. Her music has been heard nationwide in the most prominent halls, including Hollywood Bowl, The Forum, Greek Theatre, and Walt Disney Concert Hall. She has been multiple prizewinners of competitions in the US, Europe, and South America and has been a guest at many prominent festivals throughout her career.

"Memories" brings us to a place of hope as Manoela plays her beautiful instruments and talks about memories that can never be erased or replaced as it holds a special place in her heart.

Arriving at "Memories," Manoela greets us with the most beautiful yet bold sounds of the violin paid effortlessly before she enters with her angelic vocals, asking a profound question like "How can I ever erase?" which she means the "Memories," hence the song title. Manoela continues while several flowing instruments are playing in the background before she enters again to talk about being stuck and not fully believing in herself, which is relatable to many because, at one point in our lives, we felt the same.

Manoela tells us in "Memories" how she somehow wishes to remember some times that were easier to forget and how trying so hard to understand herself isn't as easy as she thought it would be. And as we end off, Manoela sends us away with the beautiful vocals we love to hear, included with the most subtle outro to have us wanting more.

Hold onto your emotions in Manoela Wunder's recent release, "Memories," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ManoelaWunder. We love and appreciate every second of your reflective and emotional new single "Memories." What was the primary source of inspiration behind this personal piece?

The primary source of inspiration behind the song was the abrupt end of a collaborative partnership I had with a friend. The falling out had just occurred, and I was trying to process my feelings in the healthiest way possible, which is incredibly difficult to do at first.

Could you expand your songwriting process for "Memories?" Did you face any problematic moments when writing such emotional lyrics?

My favorite violinist singer-songwriter is Owen Pallett, and the song that initially drew me to them was "E is for Estranged." For my first single, I sought to create a similar sonic experience for the listener by creating a chord progression that loops through the entire song and is centered around a pizzicato violin part. The lyrics came to me naturally as soon as I had decided on a central theme.

What was your goal regarding the listener's experience with "Memories?" What do you hope the single does for them?

In regards to the listener's experience with "Memories", I hope they are able to connect with the personal nature of the lyrics and relate it to a similar experience they have had. I hope the instrumentation and vocal style take them on the journey of processing one's feelings while reminiscing and longing about the past.

What does "Memories" mean to you?

"Memories" means trying to get rid of physical memories you have with someone who is no longer in your life while at the same time being haunted by the memories of the moments you shared with them. Throughout this process, hopefully, you are eventually able to heal more naturally by remembering them in a positive way.

What's next for you?

The music video for "Memories" is out on YouTube, and my new single "Past/Healing" will be released tomorrow! I just wrapped up filming the music video for that single. After that, my third and final single from my upcoming debut album will be released (along with the music video), and I will begin recording my next album.


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