MAR Advocates for Unconditional Love in “Together”

MAR is a Peruvian-born singer, composer, and producer who officially began his music career in Miami when he released his first song “En Silencio,” which won Song of the Year in 2007. He first found his passion for music at a young age when he played flute, guitar and sang on stage in Lima. Since then he has been performing internationally and inspiring others with his contagious energy.

His new song “Together” fuses indie, pop, and folk elements into a bubbly combination. “Together” opens with an elegant acoustic guitar strumming in the background as MAR introduces his silky voice. The song picks up its beat for the chorus; clapping, drums, and tambourine fill the background. The melody of the “Together” is uplifting and motivational – it will make you feel nostalgic and hopeful at the same time. Lyrically, MAR has created an anthem for self-love and personal fulfillment. MAR is a proud gender-fluid, non-binary advocate of the LGBTQI community. In his song “Together” he advocates for unconditional love and alignment with his own true self. Mar uses music as a road to personal happiness and hopes that his fans can be inspired through his music. Mar once stated “no matter how different you may be, things can be achieved,” and in his song “Together” he passes this valuable advice to his audience.

Listen to "Together" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “MAR”?

Mar is a short version of my first name. You know, in Spanish most of our names are very gender biased and sometimes religious based; and it came to a point for me that I no longer wanted to be defined by any of the cultural stereotypes. Mar is an arrival point from shedding the weight of what had been imposed to me - gender and religion- it’s like being reborn. I have chosen a very neutral name and an identity that is as vast and diverse as the ocean, it’s not a coincidence it means sea in Spanish.

You have some huge accomplishments, including performing at some world-renowned music venues. Which venue has been your favorite to perform at?

I mean, it probably is the next one! haha Though, I always remember two of them and carry them close to my heart. One was at Hollywood Universal Citywalk main stage, my first show in LA ever! The other one was at Villa Maria del Triunfo, a very poor district in Lima, Peru, where I was invited to sing in a coliseum on literally dirt ground. The power went out in the middle of the show, but the crowd waited for a whole hour and a half to get it restored so they could hear my concert.

We really enjoyed your single “Together”. What inspired you to write this song?

I wrote together in one take with my guitar, literally didn’t have many edits, it just downloaded itself! I was inspired by the idea of a platonic best partner who would be there unconditionally to lift me up and come to the rescue every single time. At the time I didn’t realize I was kind of stating the deepest and truest connection with myself and finding that best pal in me.

How would you describe your creative process behind "I am I"? Do you draw any musical inspiration from any other artists?

A big part of the creative process for “I am I,” has been allowing myself to be raw, honest, and vulnerable while going through the journey of defining and understanding my identity as non-binary. Letting that set the tone and having the need to respond to the question everybody has in their head: “who am I,” grant me to write from a place where I have found “I am I,” saying exactly what I needed to say, the way I wanted to say it. I think, musically each song has found its own way to come to live. In most of my creative process I just go with the feeling, chord, or melody I get at the beginning when I first start writing, and hang out with it without judging or making edits, just riding the wave until it arrives to shore.

Musically, I honestly get inspired from many different bands and artists. I really love hearing new artists on IG/social media or in a coffee shop around town, and I also have who I call my “mentors,” the ones that have really shaped the way I create melodies and continue to inspire me; Latin artists like Miguel Bose and Chavela Vargas, and Anglo singer/songwriters like Johny Cash, Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson, and Sia.

What can we expect to see from MAR throughout 2020?

Wow, this year has started with lots of great energy already! I am so moved by the way Together has been received, liked, and streamed!!

I am super excited and will continue advocating a lot more with this single - and upcoming EP- in hopes to inspire folks to be who they are, and open new spaces to maybe have a window where we can see we all aspire towards the same thing, and that it’s possible to come together with oneself and with others. I hope this album will add one more thread to the rich tapestry of life that we call awareness.