Marc DiNero Shows Us He Has Some "Moves" With Debut Single!

Residing in Louisville, KY, Marc DiNero is putting out tracks honest to who he is as a rap artist. With a genuine approach to his execution and programming, Marc releases music that is hard-hitting, yet delicate at integral moments throughout the tracks. Marc knew music was the passion for him--knowing this for thirteen years, he reluctantly had to put music aside. Fully being able to invest his time and energy into the craft, Marc is hitting the rap scene at full force with his recent debut release of "Moves"! 

Marc DiNero leaves a lasting impression with his latest track "Moves" featuring Couri Cartier. He's aggressive in complementary ways, rapping with an assertive tone, establishing that power all throughout. "Moves" has a more mellow execution, and is more on the lines of that chill track you want to be listening to when you're winding down. Marc DiNero shows us a wide range of personality throughout "Moves", and transitions into a variety of personas. At some moments, he comes off as forceful, but then blends into a more honest and soft discharge. Embodying the very emotion of heartbreak, "Moves" will pull on your heart strings once realizing the song is about a toxic and painful relationship (we've all been there, a common heartbreak we wish we could forget). We're appreciative of the blend of sound and mood DiNero shows us, with Couri Cartier adding that underlying, but fundamental component to the track. "Moves" is the type of track our BuzzMusic rap listeners will enjoy, and immediately add to what's left of their summer playlist!

Listen to "Moves" here, and scroll below for Marc DiNero's exclusive interview!

Hey Marc DiNero! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us how you began in the music scene?

I originally started making studio music when I was 15 years old. I wrote songs as early as 11 years of age. I always wrote my own lyrics emulating early jay z, Tupac, Biggie, method man, Lox, and DMX just to name a few. I have always had a love for real story telling hip hop. I also understand the business of making good music. I restarted my music career knowing that I was going to go full force into a heavily saturated business but I always knew that I had true talent and a story with a message.

Congratulations on your debut single "Moves"! Tell us how excited you are to be creating music again?!

I am real excited to be able to release my first single especially when I didn’t see this happening for my life just 6 months ago. Everything leading up to this point has been a fun and exciting ride just to be able to see a finished product released to the public officially. It feels good to know that people enjoy something that you created. It’s a really good feeling when you can go on Apple Music or any streaming site and see your music there as well. This project is a product of believing I was good enough to do it and pursuing that dream regardless of any potential roadblocks.

How was the overall curative process of "Moves"? Did you come across creative bumps after not creating music for a long period of time?

It’s funny, I feel like I haven’t missed too much on the creative side. Although I was in a three person group when I made music in my early years so I never knew that I could make full songs. My mind was was always set to write one verse and maybe the chorus or hook. So the biggest adjustment to me  was actually relying on just me for the full creative process of my music and writing all pieces. Once I knew that I could do it, it allowed me to be fully creative and open up to creating the music that I love to make and hear.

What did you do to feed your passion for music all of those years you weren't creating?

It was actually tough for me. I relied on some of the greats and legends of the game today to continue to make the music I wanted to hear. Then I had to come to the realization that I can have a voice in hip hop myself, I just have to get it out there. Too many times I would complain about how bad the quality of music was getting instead of taking my talents and pursuing music. It’s kind of like, if some of the best music you ever heard never got released because that particular artist decided not to pursue their dream in music. Imagine all of that good music we would’ve missed out on.

What's next for you now that your debut single has been released? Any more releases in the upcoming future?

Yes, my debut EP Inception is set to release on October 4th and this will be a great body of work. I have been dreaming of releasing a project for a long time and it feels good that I am actually doing this. I put sweat, time, and a lot of money into my music to bring top quality production and sound for my current and potential fans. I think that a lot of people will be pleased with the album when it’s released. I have my next single that I am shooting the video for in two weeks and is scheduled to be released the first weekend In September.


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