Marcella Fruehan’s Latest Single “Know My Name” Has Us Enthralled and Wanting More

Heavy thumping beats cascade into your ears, as the smooth synths lead you into this spellbinding, hip hop track “Know My Name” from Marcella Fruehan. “Know My Name” charms its listener with quipped lyrics and a chorus that hypnotizes and bends the ear with Marcella’s harmonic and luring voice. This fresh track is layered with intricate pulsating percussion, soulful vocals, and an electrically charged hip hop essence. Marcella’s success in her artistry has brought her to great heights. Creating content with renowned industry professionals such has George Murphy of Eastcote Studios (Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott) Yoad Nevo of Nevo Sound Studios (Sia, Bryan Adams) and the all inspiring Abbey Road recording studio. An impressive display of industry leaders has witnessed Marcella’s exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter and “Know My Name,” uniquely showcases Marcella’s soaring musical flair. “Know My Name’ sets a dense haze over the listener driven by a deep, low tone, baseline, as the lyrics and vocals deliver a blend of refreshing and unapologetic lyrical poetry. Marcella’s purity in her vocals brings a mellow yet highly intoxicating atmosphere to the track, which will delight the ears of many listeners. We’re certainly happy we were fortunate enough to listen to Marcella’s latest hit, “Know My Name.”

Discover “Know My Name” here.

Hello Marcella, and welcome to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on your latest release “Know My Name”. The song is very directive and unapologetic, what was your vision for this song and how were you able to get it across so clearly to the listener?

When I was writing this song, it was definitely a message I needed to hear for myself. I was too in my head about previous releases being too out of the box or “not marketable enough” for blogs/playlists, even though that's what I loved most about my music - being different. Rejection is hard, especially when it comes down to something you've worked so hard on. In that moment I completely let myself go and wrote exactly how I was feeling. I am not too pop for electronic, I am not too electronic for pop. I am who I am and this is the music I want to make. So my intention for the song right off the bat was to be super powerful and unapologetic. I wanted everyone who listens to this song to feel empowered and to keep following their dreams no matter the feedback they get, no matter how many no’s they receive, even if they feel like their not good enough - because YOU are. I was truly just being myself!

You have had the opportunity to further your career and education in the industry via various outlets; what part of your singer/songwriter journey has been the most enlightening thus far?

Each step that I take throughout my career as an artist gets more and more exciting. Attending Berklee College of Music really changed my life musically and creatively. It made me want to start producing for myself, which gave me a lot of independence, as I could create the things that were in my head myself --bring them to life. Moving to LA right after graduation sparked a drive in me I never knew I had and I was creating the best music I ever had in my life. I also had a blast working with other artists, helping them bring their music to life. 

Speaking on your overall sound and method, can you speak more on how your sound has evolved and how infusing your music with various, complex styles has worked for you as an artist?

My sound has evolved SO much since I started writing and producing on my own. I've gone from Alt-Pop to Bubble gum pop, to ballads, to experimental, to electro-pop. I only now feel that I have really grasped who I am and what my sound is, and that came from taking my wide range of inspirations and throwing them all together to create my artist, Marcella. It only took 12 years. :’D 

How has immersing yourself in all aspects of song creation (writing, performing, and producing) elevated you as an artist? Is there a process that you are most fond of?

Immersing myself has allowed me to truly express who I am as an artist. Being able to know how I want my production to sound and being able to execute that is invaluable. Also, how I want to feel/want my listeners to feel when I am performing, making sure the message in my lyrics is honest and genuine is so important to me. Before I knew how to write and produce, the music I was recording didn’t feel authentic and I always wanted more from it. Now I know exactly what I want, and it feels great to be able to create that! My writing process is intuitive and never starts out the same, but I love being inspired by a specific sound, whether it be a huge gritty bass line or a retro synth sound—that really gets me in the mood and inspired. Then I’ll just start improvising with melodies and lyrics and usually, something magical comes out of that.

What can your fans anticipate next from you Marcella

More music, more videos, more surprises :D I’ve been working on a lot of new content that I'll continue to release this year!