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Marcus Jordan Proclaims, "I Will Bless Your Name"

Marcus Jordan uses his musical platform as a means to spread his faith and positive messages to all listeners. He inspires many with his character, as such shines through to his music with ease. His latest offering, "I Will Bless Your Name" is an extension of his previous work, which also takes the opportunity to spiritually stimulate others and awaken others with faith.

"I Will Bless Your Name" commences with vibrant electronic rhythms that are blended with an underlying, robust choir-like vocal performance. The harmonious voice of Marcus Jordan intertwines into this production, and it's quite the appealing, silky voice. "I Will Bless Your Name" has soul packed to its core, making for a heavenly product (pun intended).

The infectious, lively atmosphere stays strong throughout the song, making "I Will Bless Your Name" one fun, memorable listening experience. He packs such raw and pure energy into the song that it's almost natural to feel the warmth emulates from the song.

"I Will Bless Your Name" was a beautiful collection of exquisite melodies with powerful, meaningful vocals, and we are all ears to hear what Marcus Jordan has offered up next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Marcus, and congratulations on the release of "I Will Bless Your Name". What does this particular single mean for you?

Thank you so much! “I Will Bless Your Name” is an uplifting worship song that I wrote to encourage the body of Christ to always bless his name, with my near-death experience, I Will Bless His name at all times, I’m grateful to be alive and to sing his praises!

How do you feel that "I Will Bless Your Name" complements other songs you have released in the past?

“I Will Bless Your Name” is upbeat and shows my versatility as an artist. Compared to “I Can” and “Give God the Glory” I’m grateful to be well rounded and for it to be embraced by supporters of my music!

As a highly spiritual individual, what would you say your strategy is with embedding such strong faith into your sound?

My prayer is God reveals your heart to me so that I reach the heart of man, and every single time God does just that. I receive encouragement daily about how people love my music and that encourages me.

What was the overarching goal of a song like "I Will Bless Your Name?" How were you hoping your listeners would react and respond to the single release?

The goal of “I Will Bless Your Name” is for church praise teams to sing it, for it to chart, and to prepare me for my next single.

What's next for you?

Touring is what’s next for me. I’m already traveling and singing and I love it! I want to do a church tour and it’s happening! Touring in my opinion helps put the face with the Name, as well as gives me as an artist the opportunity to build relationships with my supporters and church leaders and ministries.


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