Marcus Machado Showcases His Versatility In His New Single, "Shape Shift"

What's there to say about the Hip/Hop artist Marcus Machado? Too much to possibly do him justice within a short paragraph, but the essence of his sound stems deep within his own introspections and wisdom.

Marcus Machado is far from a beginner when it comes to the creation of music, and his sophisticated artistic persona gets translated well across to listeners.

Whether his music inspires, aspires, or stimulates some sort of emotion within listeners, Marcus Machado is always persisting with making an impact, no matter how that impact surfaces.

There's an instant buoyancy to Marcus Machado's recent music release, "Shape Shift".

The track hones into the realities of the current world, and all of the real-world issues that are attempting to find some type of mediation.

Marcus Machado takes on a very elaborate perspective, effortlessly getting many pivotal topics across in the track, all while establishing an easy and chilled-out flow. The sonic fusion projected in the track offers incredibly versatile performance and demonstrates the artistry of Marcus Machado well. He's the type of artist that can, in essence, "Shape Shift" himself with the direction and production of his sound.

"Shape Shift" feels like a humble and genuine collection of Marcus Machado's expressions, which leaves us in pure anticipation for future music from this R&B/Hip Hop music artist.

Considering the versatile production added to "Shape Shift", how did you feel that the vocals integrated into the track? Do you typically begin with sourcing out your production first?

The vocals took the song to the next level with JSWISS & Ahrel's powerful message of the struggle and hope for our people. Typically, it depends on the vibe of the song when I'm writing, it could start from a melody of the guitar or beat to start the process.

What component of "Shape Shift" did you feel challenged you most as a music artist?

"Shape Shift" for me pretty much happened organically, everything that I was seeing in the world and certain situations at the time made me write the music without thinking too much about it. By the time I sent the music over to Ahrel and JSWISS they understood everything about what shape shift represented and they added their magic to it and Daru made the drums sound bigger as you hear it sound like a person stomping and giving that edge that I was looking for overall.

"Shape Shift" saw collaboration with two subsequent artists. How did you find the flow of collaboration and do you see yourself collaborating with other music artists in the near future?

I would say for any collaboration the key is to have great chemistry. I've worked with Ahrel, JSWISS, and Daru in the past on other projects so for us this was a no-brainer to come together and have fun and create. The flow for collaboration for me is space and giving freedom without overdoing it. I do see myself collaborating with other artists in the future.

Where do you feel your work is going to take you next?

There is so much I want to explore and experiment with but I do think I'll probably start working on a blues album next.

What inspired the concept for the "Shape Shift" music video?

The concept for "Shape Shift" was as an idea that I wanted to have a lyric video for people to understand this powerful message and show images from the '60s to now basically showing we're in the same situation now at this very moment but there is hope for us to make this world we're living in a better place if we change. Talking about these ideas with Director Nicky Samss who is a great visual artist took it to another level and brought it to life.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What's been keeping me inspired is a lot of new projects I've been working on for a while and currently finishing up plus hearing a lot of great new and old albums from different artists.