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Margiela Rose Releases "5 Min Convos”

Margiela Rose is a Highland County, Florida upcoming teen sensation who's been making music ever since he was 12 years old. Margiela began creating beats, but since nobody would use them, he began rapping on them himself. He eventually created a rap crew called “Margiela Mafia” with his cousin and it’s currently just the two of them since the crew had some ‘beef’ with one another. With his favorite flower being a rose, it created the inspiration for his name. He claims as if his name has been changed multiple times in the past because he was unsure with what he would want to go by, but decided to stick to Margiela Rose. He aspires to inspire others to reach for their dreams and goals regardless if it’s musically related or not. He also would like to give back to his community one day as well. A young diplomat, he respects his mothers wishes of no cussing in his music, but if he is lyrical enough to tell a story, then he is lyrical enough to not cuss!

Margiela Rose displays his special lyricism in his single titled “5Min Convos”. 5

Min Convos was a dope hit which utilized everything the current generation loves in a contemporary hip-hop song. The beat was addicting enough to be repeated over and over again on our playlists, party collections, and stereo rides. His rap melody was infectious enough to leave an everlasting contagious effect on its listeners especially through the hook. His delivery, and flow, was clean-slated and on point, not missing a single beat or rhythm, showing off his highly caliber rap skills. The overall swagger and flare of “5 Min Convos” gave off the impression of a radio hit. We see this song creating all the right buzz and generating mainstream play due to how outgoing, fun, and vibrant the song is. I mean, summer is coming up right? Don’t we need the summer anthem to get us feeling vacationed from our month-to month routines? Margiela Rose delivers that for us with “5 Min Convos”

Listen to “5Min Convos” here and get to know more about Margiela Rose below!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far? How did you overcome them challenges?

One of the biggest challenges was being broke, you can’t do anything when you broke. So that meant nothing to do with music until I had money. Another hard challenge was having the time to actually record, you’d think once you then materials you need to record then you can just do it, but I’m still in school and plus I gotta do a lot of things around to help so I had tops about 1 to 2 hours to do anything with music within every 2 days, and I do everything myself all the recording and mixing so it took a long minute to finish even one song. Not until recently I even took it serious, nobody really thought I had it in me to make music like that and people still don’t believe it’s me in my music

Tell us about “5 Min Convos” and the meaning behind it?

5 Min Convos was about every single girl that said ever told me something along the line a of “you’re the one for me and I’m never finna stop loving you” it’s just a release to the things they’ve said to me

What inspired you to write this song?

I woke up one day and I thought “wow I’m heart broke” so I went to the studio which was my room so in reality I didn’t even move, but I sat down and thought of all the times I’ve had a heart break and thought of the things they’ve told me that we’re all lies

How does the title, “5 Min Convos” reflect on the theme of the record?

If it’s a relationship like that where it’s all problems, you get everything out your mind real quick, 5 minutes quick. I just named the key points in the arguments in that time.

What’s next for you, Margiela?

Keep making hits, collab with other artists not just rappers and the such but producers too, and just generally build my name as an artist. Keep getting bigger and spreading positivity.


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