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Mari A Released Her Vocally Dynamic Single “Can’t Breathe”

Mari A is an Austrian singer-songwriter with Bosnian roots, who in 2016, was under the name “AZRAH”. the final candidate for the Eurovision Song Contests 2016 with her self-written song "The One"

Mari A released her latest single titled, “Can’t Breathe” which was a song completely written and composed by herself, 4 years ago. “Can’t Breathe” begins with Mari A’s raspy and dynamically powerful vocal resonance that’s completely enticing and strikes its listener with a vocal force we can’t help but love. “Can’t Breathe” captures you with this vocal articulation that’s undeniably special to the artistry of Mari A. What we really loved about Mari A’s unique artist persona was how her style of singing, gave us a glimpse of her cultural background, and the way she was brought up. It was highly intriguing to see the Bosnian roots be inflicted in her sound. “Can’t Breathe” has a nice fusion of emotionally convicted ballad, to a sultry upbeat danceable tune. This showed me how Mari A was able to correctly weave between the two different vibes which was pleasant to hear. All in all, “Can’t Breathe” was a nice offering from an extremely talented woman, who sings in the most memorable vocal tone you could possibly hear from a recent vocalist. This song would undoubtedly serve her career justice.

Listen to "Can't Breathe" here and get to know more about Mari A below!

In what ways do you incorporate your background into your musical sound and style?

I was born in a very small town in Bosnia Hercegowina, called Sanski Most. We used to exchange mix-tapes as children, of all famous Rock-Bands from Ex-Jugoslavian Rock Scene like Plavi Orkestar, Bajaga or Bijelo Dugme. The whole city was "infected" and I remember well about the "Growned-up" Boys in the neighbourhood discussed a lot about every new Release, arrangements, lyrics and do the same music as well. Also there was a famouy woman pop-singer called "Tajci" at this time. She had blond hair, great voice and she represented the former Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest. At this time I was about 8 years old and as I saw her on TV, many girls were fascinated of her - so many of us wanted to be like her. Today, I think, this power of this very easy Pop music as well the Rock'n'Roll Style of the 80s influenced me a lot in the process of my personal music style. Later as a teenager, I turned to Soul and Funk Divas like Aretha Frankling or Whitney Houston, as well as Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey. I think, both genres influenced my singing Style today.

Tell us about “Can’t Breathe”, what does this song mean to you?

A lot. Believe me or not, I wrote and composed this song about 4 years ago and after this I put it in my drawer. I really was not sure, if it's good enough for the production process. This song is about breaking a painful circle in a relationship as well as walls that block our everyday life and makes us blind to our view for the essentials. It's about feeling the other person - I am sure, we all had moments, when we think of someone, in the same moment we get a call of this person. So this Song adresses this "invisible" World - the "soul-connection" of every human, especially of the ones, who love each other. It's a kind of declaration of love.

What was the most challenging aspect in creating “Can’t Breathe” ?

I am very proud and happy about this song release. I had huge issues in finding a good producer for it. I changed about 4-5 producers, because they didn't hit the style I wanted. I mean, i am a very strong, dynamic woman with a very loud voice - So, the music has fit to my character and personality, and that's why I am very happy, that it worked out well after so many ups and downs.

How do you hope “Can’t Breathe” translates to your fans?

I got already great reactions from all over the world. Many of them write me via instagram or facebook, that they love and adore the song and that they put it already in their playlist. Some of them didn't expect this very new style of me. Also I changed my artist name recently, so many who already knew me, were critical or just confused. But as my surprise most of them are overwhelmed and actually they can't believe, that this is ME. I really hope that the Song reaches out many people, because I am not signed artist - into a big label - to have a big promotion. But I am just happy, when there are people, who can relate to my lyrics and message in the song.

What can we expect next for you?

I will release a Videospot for the Single "Can't breathe" on 24.05.2019 and I am recording already my next songs and want to release my first EP in autumn this year. We are working right now on a song called "Marry Me" and I already prepare a very great ballade (some kind of Adele-Style) to put it on the EP. So, I think "Can't Breathe" is just a kick-off to the other songs who are waiting to be showed to public.


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