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Marika Christine Delivers A Stunning New Single, “Music And Heart”

Marika Christine, a San Francisco based multi-talented, has been gracing the Bay Area music scene for nearly a decade.

With her roots in various bands, she began her solo journey in March 2021 with her first release, Puzzle World. Christine's music is driven by the power of vulnerability and tenderness, often exploring theatrical atmospheres to express the depth of emotions such as heartbreak, loss, longing, friendship, and love. Influenced by artists like Harry Nilsson, Stereolab, Cate Le Bon, and Alice Phoebe Lou, her full-length LP, Soft Like an Apricot, is set to enchant listeners on May 26th, 2023.

Marika Christine's latest single, "Music and Heart," released on April 26th, 2023, serves as both a love letter to her hometown and a critique of the struggles faced by artists in big cities. Cozy acoustic guitars, warm jazzy piano, and layered harmonies accentuate the song's beauty. "Music and Heart" was recorded at The Grassy Knoll studio in Oakland, CA, showcasing the talents of Adam Wilson, Maria Donjacrou, Fabrizio Incerti, and Marika Christine.

"Music and Heart" transports listeners to a cozy, 70s-inspired soundscape. With organic instruments like marching drums, soothing pianos, and calming guitars, the song exudes a sense of warmth and comfort. As you listen, you can almost feel the golden hour shadows, the charming Victorian houses, and the passion of the people who make San Francisco unique.

The lyrics of "Music and Heart" capture the challenges of being a young artist in a city like San Francisco. Christine's words resonate with listeners, from the physical toll of long days on their feet to the difficulty of affording a decent place to live. Yet, the song also highlights the love and appreciation for the city, music, and heart, with the chorus emphatically declaring, "But we lah-lah-lah-love you, San Francisco."

With its chill vibes and nostalgic atmosphere, "Music and Heart" is a testament to Marika Christine's ability to craft meaningful music that connects with listeners profoundly. This song is the perfect appetizer for the main course: her upcoming album, Soft Like An Apricot, is eagerly awaited by fans and newcomers alike. So, mark your calendars for May 26th and prepare to be swept away by the enchanting sounds of Marika Christine.

Cozy up with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic MarikaChristine kudos to finding warmth with your latest single, "Music and Heart," where you've seamlessly blended several organic instruments to create a cozy, 70s-like atmosphere. Can you share more about the creative process behind selecting and combining these instruments to achieve such a unique and warm sound?

The song started with acoustic guitar and vocals and blossomed when I brought it to my band. We have known each other for almost 8 years, so collaboration comes very organically. I think each member of the band shines on this track! It features Adam Wilson (piano), Maria Donjacour (bass), and Fabrizio Incerti (drums, percussion). We recorded with our good friend Spencer Owings who also played a big role in producing and arranging. He helped us get the best takes possible and added ideas for harmonies. There is a lead guitar moment in the choruses written by Fabrizio, Adam, and Spencer that I remember being excited about during the recording process. So, while each instrumental choice is very intentional, it wasn't overthought but felt right at the moment.

Can you elaborate on how your personal experiences have shaped your perspective on the city and influenced the song's message?

I live the story of "Music and Heart" every day! I was lucky to grow up in San Francisco and found a beautiful group of friends and artists, so I've never wanted to leave. Unfortunately, in the Bay Area, we are surrounded by the wealthiest people in the country and the poorest. Seeing the huge wage gap and facing income disparity can be very frustrating. Making ends meet is a constant battle for artists in my community. Many of us spend half our income on rent; whatever pennies are saved goes to costs such as recording and funding equipment to make more art. I also want to acknowledge that as a white person in this environment, I still have a lot of privilege in this situation, and the economic struggle is alot harder for people of colour. Even though the cost of living in San Francisco can be discouraging, I truly love this city's community, beautiful parks, museums, public transportation, and history.

"Music and Heart" features a very distinct retro sound from the drums to the keys. What led you to incorporate these elements into the song, and how do you feel they contribute to the overall emotion and narrative of the vibe?

Honestly, I don't remember if there was much of a discussion about this. Each band member contributed their part, and it all seemed to fit together! When writing this song, I listened to alot of 70's bands like the Carpenters, Mama's and Papa's, Buffalo Springfield, and the Byrds. Maybe there were some subconscious inspirations there. I think the retro feel pays homage to San Francisco's famous summer of love and hippie history in a nice way.

Can you share any specific moments or experiences that inspired this sentiment and how they have helped shape your connection to the city?

I wrote this song about a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, which played a big role in my relationship with the city. I was frustrated because I had to work in a public space, risking my health and safety, for barely enough money to cover living costs while other folks got to work from home. It was also right around the time of the vaccines rolling out, and I was falling in love with San Francisco again. I got to come out of hiding and start seeing friends again.

Now that "Music and Heart" have been released and your upcoming album, Soft Like An Apricot, is just around the corner, what can fans expect from your future projects? Do you want to explore any new themes or musical styles in your upcoming work?

I'm excited to keep playing with my style and develop my voice as a songwriter and musician. I'm very in love with 70's rock and Laurel Canyon so that those elements will stick around, but I'm also exploring more angular sounds and rhythms inspired by David Bern, Cate Le Bon and Stereolab. I'm also hoping to develop my audio engineering and production skills, so I'm eager to see how that will inspire my music in the future.


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