Marissa Barbalato Displays Her Soft and Honest Soundings Throughout "Somewhere in the Middle"

Marissa Barbalato overwhelms us. Her vocal styling is extremely rejuvenating and calming, simultaneously. Already performing at a variety of venues, including The Troubadour and The Hotel Cafe, Marissa has established her sound and shares her recent cultivations in her recent single release "Somewhere in the Middle". Here, we sense that complex, yet intricate sounding that characterizes Marissa in the Indie/Pop scene. 

We want to talk more on Marissa's latest release, "Somewhere in the Middle". The song contains a complexity of indie and pop elements. Not the typical indie/pop elements one would initially think, essentially due to the fact we feel Marissa Barbalato and her sound is more than typical. It's unique to her, and her sounding offers a refreshing perspective on the Indie/Pop category. "Somewhere in the Middle" takes on that simplistic and airy approach---the kind of approach that brings on a secure connection between artist and listener. Marissa offers an expressive vocal delivery that showcases those indie/pop elements in a true and sophisticated blend. Even further, we noticed that she sways into other genres, creating that multi-categorical dynamic. We feel comfortable saying Marissa Barbalato's voice intrigues us, and that her music has caught our complete attention. We're keeping ourselves updated with upcoming releases on Marissa Barbalato, because truthfully? We know she's an artist that will blow up. For now, we're content listening to the intricate stylings that are Marissa Barbalato.

Listen to "Somewhere in the Middle" here


Hey Marissa Barbalato! Congrats on releasing "Somewhere in the Middle"! How does it feel now that the track is recorded and released?!

Relieved! Genuinely happy!  Scary! This record is more indie/pop than I am used to.  I am so grateful I have a team around me that supports experimenting with different sounds, genres, and overall vibes. We are all so excited to share it with the world. We really hope you can dance, feel, and relate your way through it. 

"Somewhere in the Middle" offered a very delicate sounding that maintained itself through the entire track. How do you establish these soundings that are so pivotal to your overall sound? Bobby Salehnejad and Ernest Green were the amazing talents behind the production.  While recording the vocals, I specifically did A LOT of ad-libs that were later produced into different sounds used. We LOVED using the vocals as instruments. Along with the vocals, they really captured our vision with production using modern, real and rare sounds.  

You've been performing at a ton of different locations lately! How has the performing scene been for you so far? 

My favorite show venues so far include The Troubadour and Hotel Cafe! The talent in the LA music scene is unbelievable and extremely competitive. You really have to be confident in yourself and your music to not fall apart.  The scene has been generous and difficult at the same time.  Getting your hand in certain venues can be really challenging, I am so lucky to have people who have given me a shot and who have really believed in us.   There was a point where I was gigging 4-5 times a week, which really helped me grow as a performer and artist.  I am so grateful for those opportunities. 

Performing my music means I have to believe in it, there's really no way around that.  That is my favorite part.  At the end of the day, music is all that matters and I just want to be my most authentic and real self.

Let's talk about this upcoming EP in April 2020. We're excited to see the various elements you can bring with your sound across an entire album. Is there going to be a theme to the album, or is it more of a collection of contrasting elements? 

Thank you we are so excited as well!  There will be a theme throughout but some of it is VERY experimental and unconventional.  I really just wanted to follow my heart and not think about "what is selling " and what everyone else "wants to hear".  We do this because we love to create, the more out of the box the better.  The songs are inspired by nature, sacrifice, love and an overall eclectic take on creation. 


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about your music! We appreciate knowing more about your story as an artist. Are you continuing to work on the album for the months to come?

Thank you!  Yes, we are hard at work on some finishing touches on the record and planning the 2020 year! I will be focusing on finishing the EP and doing a few shows throughout.  My next show is February 8th at Hotel Cafe.