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Marissa Lynn Hernandez Empowers With Retro-Chic Anthem “Sunday”

Marissa Lynn Hernandez, the vivacious POP sensation from Houston, Texas, is making waves with her latest single, "Sunday."

As a singer/songwriter, Marissa effortlessly blends the essence of bygone eras—drawing inspiration from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 90s—infusing her hits with a timeless quality that transcends generations.

In her musical journey, Marissa is not just crafting songs; she's reshaping the landscape for Latina artists on the Top 40, seamlessly crossing genres and cultures.

"Sunday" is more than just another single; it's a powerful anthem of women's empowerment, underscored by an upbeat rhythm instantly captivating. Marissa's music video for the song is a visual feast that complements the retro-modern vibe of the track.

Stepping into "Sunday," you're transported to a world where Marissa exudes confidence, embracing womanhood with stunning outfits and a vibrant, empowering presence.

The track is a sonic journey, marrying retro influences with a modern twist. Marissa's wide-ranging vocals, gracefully navigating between soft subtlety and bold proclamations, fill the air with infectious energy.

The empowering essence of "Sunday" resides in the lyrics but dominates in the very fabric of Marissa's delivery. She's a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with, and her voice serves as a rallying call to lift other women up.

The visuals and soundscape of "Sunday" are a delightful fusion of past and present, where baby pink reigns supreme, adding a touch of glamour to the set. Marissa's ability to seamlessly transition from soft melodies to bold declarations is a testament to her vocal prowess and artistic versatility.

"Sunday" is a celebration of strength, femininity, and the boundless energy Marissa Lynn Hernandez brings to the forefront of the music scene. Get ready to be uplifted and enchanted by the radiant and infectious charisma that defines "Sunday."

Congrats on the release of "Sunday." Your music draws inspiration from various decades, including the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 90s. How do you blend these different eras to create a nostalgic and contemporary sound heard in this track?

So I grew up on the oldies, Patsy Cline, Motown, Donna Summer, and Elvis playing in our home all the time, and to me, that's always what I defined as real music. I'm an old soul who gravitates towards that kind of sound. I try to instill it into my music today.

Like "Flirting with My Feelings," it's a disco throwback vibe with a vocal performance and lyrics that resonate with the 20th century. "Sunday" is a very well-produced 90s Britney Max Martin vibe. Those and everything I put out will reflect that sound. Bruno Mars is An artist who has paved the way for me to do this and has done it well. If you're wondering how to explain it, I am the female version. 

Please share more about the message you aimed to convey with this song and how it reflects your personal experiences and values.

Truly, I wrote "Sunday" for myself. I needed to remember who I am. You can be put into several boxes as a woman in the industry. If you stand up for yourself, you are labeled a "bitch" whereas a man would be simply looked at as a "boss." You will be degraded, your name will be drug in the mud, and you will be underestimated and devalued. However, I speak for all women when I say good try. Because nobody is as resilient as a woman.

This song isn't just for women, either. This is a song for anyone who was made to feel less than. I stand by the idea that true beauty starts from the inside out. Should anyone have you questioning your own self-worth, your own beauty, intelligence, value, and intentions? This is your anthem. 

Let's talk visuals! The music video for "Sunday" showcases a retro-modern aesthetic with stunning outfits and a vibrant visual narrative. How important is visual storytelling to you, and how involved were you in the creative direction of the music video?

"Sunday" is my career's first official music video, and I can honestly say precisely what I had envisioned was executed. I love old Hollywood glamour, so I wanted to pin up retro vibes. The idea was just me, against me. Giving myself a pep-talk in the mirror. While being sure to inspire other women to keep living their best lives and "let them think what they wanna think."

From the hair to makeup, styling, set, and creative direction- that was all me. I 100% had a vision. I simply just needed my man, JC, to shoot it! Having a visual that resonates with your track is important because it's what your audience will imagine every time they play it.

As a Latina artist, you're making significant strides on the Top 40, crossing genres and cultures. How do you see your role in paving the way for other Latina artists in the music industry, and what challenges or opportunities do you foresee?

I hate to say it, but we still live in a world where you are categorized by how you look. I won't be having that. Your roots back, background, and culture make you who you are. Yes. But, when you hear MY voice, listen to MY songs. I am just a girl singing a song, making you feel something.

Music is the universal language of the world. I deserve to be in the top 40 as much as anyone else. When someone in Brazil hears Adele, do you think their first thought is, is she Hispanic? Absolutely not. They cried with her lyrics; they felt something. Hell, they might not have even known what she was saying. That's the whole point. When you can make music, that is a universal language to me. You have won.

Selena Quintanilla worked her entire career in Tejano music, hoping to cross over to the top 40. When she was finally able to, " I Could Fall In Love" and "Dreaming of You" were still sung. 

Let's pick up where she left off, shall we? I will always continue to be put into a box by many, forced into a genre because of how I look. However, I choose to stay authentic and stand by the music I am making, not just for this generation but for generations to come. 

"Sunday" marks your first official music video. How was the experience of bringing your song to life visually, and what do you hope viewers take away from the combination of the music and the visuals in this release?

The experience was a lot of work. HAHAHA, it's not easy by any means to launch something as an Indie artist, but the feeling of accomplishment is that much more incredible. The viewers can take away a sense of confidence. I'm sure I have my haters like, "Ugh, who does she think she is?" right, but honestly, this song is for the ones who are like, "Yassss bitch, I see you, ME TOO." Keep doing you. That's all I gotta say. 

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