Mark And The Tiger Delivers The MAGIC & One Million Reasons Why You Love The New Los Angeles Music

When did you know you would ultimately create a life in music? 

It took me a while to get to that point actually. I spent my whole life wanting to be an equine veterinarian. Then l got a C in chemistry my freshman year of college and gave up that dream. I’ve been singing my whole life, but it wasn’t until I saw Florence and the Machine play at the Hollywood Bowl when I was 24 that I ever considered doing it for a career. I don’t think it had ever dawned on me as a possibility until then. 

How do you balance the life of a musician with the normal day to day?

It’s been hard to find the balance. I spent a long time putting too much energy into making money doing other things and not putting as much attention into my music. It doesn’t help that being a massage therapist and a yoga instructor both require you to invest a lot of energy in marketing yourself. I think I was a bit afraid of music at that point. I was worried I wasn’t talented enough or that no one would want to hear what I had to say. But I finally came to a point where I realized that if I didn’t make music happen for myself no on was going to come along and do it for me! Now I’ve become much better about putting music first and doing just enough of the other stuff to keep me going. Because, honestly, there’s nothing else in the world that I’m supposed to do. Whatever form music take in my life, that’s all there is for me!

Who have been your greatest musical heroes?

The artists I aspire to emanate are Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks. They are witches! Powerful, forces of nature with incredible voices and messages. But, my greatest music HERO is actually a folk singer named Dar Williams. If you know her then you’re awesome. She’s definitely a cult kind of artist. She started in the 90’s and I grew up listening to her and singing her music. I really admire her for her words. She is an absolute wordsmith and lyric craftsman. And she’s also just very real, completely authentic. She makes music because she loves it. She’s never been overly famous, and her music is definitely not mainstream. But she has been a presence in my life for as long as I can remember and her music has always inspired me in everything that I do! 

If you had to describe your new music in only 3 words what would they be?

Galvanizing, adventurous, authentic.

How do you feel about the current modern musical landscape?

I’m still undecided, haha! I think it’s pretty amazing in some regards because suddenly everyone can make music and get it out to the world. You can be singing in your parent's house in Connecticut and someone in China could be listening and loving it. But music today feels a bit flash in the pan. The climate has become so single driven. Making an amazing album seems less important than making a catchy single that will make a ton of money. It doesn’t matter if people remember it as long as they buy it initially. I wish there was a bit more of the vibe from the 60’s and 70’s when music was so impacted by the major events happening in the world at the time. I want to bring some of that energy back to the music scene. 

If you could tour the world with one artist (living or non) who would it be and why? 

Don’t make me choose!! Man, that’s tricky. It’s definitely a toss up between Stevie and Florence. But I’d probably lean more towards Florence. It was seeing her run barefoot around stage that made me realize this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’d give a lot to be able to run around barefoot with her! I’m also heartbroken that I’ll never get the chance to meet and perform with Dolores O’riordan. She was something special!

Please share with us one unique thing about you that most of your fans might not know.

I’ve horseback ridden naked a fair number of times. Is that unique enough? Ha! 

Where can we follow and support you out there on the web? 

You can find me on Instagram @markandthetiger or else just go to my website!

Thank you for your time and best of luck with your new music!