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Mark Brathwaite Reminds Us Why He Has The, "Champion Flow"

The Canadian songwriter, producer, and hip-hop recording artist Mark Brathwaite lets us into his success with a powerful new single entitled "Champion Flow."

Mark Brathwaite has made his way around Ontario's music scene with countless exciting endeavors; most notably, he opened for Machine Gun Kelly in Barrie and interviewed Kid Ink in association with Skype and Live Nation. He's also headlined Canadian Music week and TD Canada Jazz Fest.

The overall sound and appeal of Mark Brathwaite's music is nothing but intriguing and ear-pleasing, especially his latest confident and poised single, "Champion Flow."

Listeners can hear Mark Brathwaite in his prime doing what he does best, delivering the tightest rhymes that punch the listener with the utmost meaning, confidence, and purpose.

Listening to "Champion Flow," the song kicks off with a dreamy and almost Kid Cudi-like sonic atmosphere through hazy melodic synths and powerful sub-bass to boost the mood. As Mark Brathwaite makes his way in, he jumps into bars that expand on his confidence and relentlessness in terms of his evolving music career. We love the song's production; it's incredibly melodic and lifts us into a charming trance.

As Mark Brathwaite continues his powerful and magnetic performance, he reminds us of how committed he is to his craft regardless of the critics and naysayers. While riding the beat with incredible rhythm and charisma, Mark Brathwaite makes his way over to the song's outro while dousing us in his fiery performance, conceptual bars, and heavenly sonic production.

Don't miss out on the refreshing and powerful experience of Mark Brathwaite's latest sweet-sounding single, "Champion Flow," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We adore the easy and uplifting listening experience you've delivered with your latest single, "Champion Flow." What inspired you to create the confident and charismatic piece?

The production and lyrics were inspired by College Dropout /Late Registration era Kanye West. Of late, there's a lot of wisdom coming from Mike Tyson and his podcast, so he inspires me a lot also (hence the reference to Tyson in the lyrics).

Did you create the dreamy and melodic production yourself for "Champion Flow," or did other producers accompany you to help bring your vision to life?

These days I produce, mix and master records for myself and for friends/clients.

Was it easy to write such confident and self-assured bars for "Champion Flow?" What was your personal songwriting process like?

To be honest it was easy. My lyrics are always very much reflective of what I actually live and do day-to-day, you'll notice that I emphasize and advocate for gender equity in my lyrics which is also very important to me. J. Cole is an artist that has really inspired me to be true to myself.

What impact do you hope to make with your overall artistic brand? What do you want to represent and stand for as an artist?

What I represent is the ability to reach your goals with hard work, sacrifice, and determination. This is what "My Season" is about and what my career represents. I've done it in music and IT, it's something that I'm extremely proud of. I serve to motivate, inspire and

uplift others.


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