Mark Collins Brings Us All Back to Our Roots With His Latest Single “Late Nights on 287”

Usually, when people think of Colorado, you may instantly think of the Colorado Avalanche, ski resorts and some of the most progressive ideals. However, we all now have another figure to consider, and it’s Mark Collins From Fort Collins, CO.

Marin Collins is here to grace our ears with his interesting take on hip hop, with his new song “Late Nights on 287”. The song opens up with a soft jazz trumpet lick, that goes into a smooth vocal rap that is reminiscent of Mark Collin’s influences of the ’80s and 90’s Hip Hop. From artists such as Easy E and Big L, Mark Collins' song “Late Nights on 287” paints a musical landscape of his hometown and where he grew up, leaving listeners feeling nostalgic.

Not to harp totally on the past and influence, “Late Nights on 287” also feels brand new. Sonically, it’s hard to say that we have heard much in recent times that is this fresh & unique. We are living in times where it is easy to take what is working on a popular sonic scale and copy/ paste, but Mark Collins legitimately paves his own path for all listeners. 

Collins has shared the stage with many incredible artists, such as Waka Flocka Flame, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tech N9ne, and many others. Proving to not only himself but all eyes and ears that he can and will stand on the same stage as his heroes & contemporaries. Be sure to keep your tabs on Mark Collins and do yourself the favor of listening to “Late Nights on 287” today. 

Listen to Late Nights on 287” here.

Hi Mark, thank you for talking with us at BuzzMusic! What is "287" and how can you describe it to help bring all listeners there with you?

Thank you for having me, Highway 287 (aka S. College Ave.) is the Main Street that runs straight through the middle of Fort Collins, CO. For me, 287 has always been somewhat of a getaway where I could clear my head, get the vibe for new music and just cruise with the homies. That being said, I just wanted to capture that feeling with my late nights' track. 

You have performed with artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Tech N9ne. What has been the most defining moment for you as an artist?

The most defining moment as an artist was my first solo show when I opened for Apathy, that night I captured the energy I didn’t know I had. That night made me realize that this wasn’t just a dream anymore, it was my life. I have had so many ups and downs in my life, and when I’m on stage everything fades away. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Also, it was the first show I’ve done since my father passed away, and it happened to be in the venue where he very first saw me perform. It was full circle and it couldn’t have gone better.

How do you find Fort Collins and it’s placed in Hip Hop vs cities such as New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles? 

Fort Collins, CO has a small hip-hop scene in my opinion. I feel Colorado hasn’t found its place in hip-hop yet, there is plenty of great artists here, however, sometimes the driver doesn’t match the talent and that’s a downfall for a lot of up & coming artist. We’re told to be realistic and get a 9-5 job, but I don’t feel life has to be that way. LA has a sound for a reason, Atlanta & New York too, people redefined how they wanted to live life and created something legendary. That’s my goal here. 

At what age did you start listening to Hip Hop artists such as Easy E?

I was really young when my father introduced me to Hip-Hop, maybe 5-6 years old, he would always play Eazy-Duz-It and Too Shorts album, Life is Too Short, along with many other things. I thank him for that every day because it gave me a feeling nothing else really could. The way a beat can just grab your soul and change your perspective on the world is so powerful. It’s important to know how you’re feeling and when you can express it over a beat, your world starts to change. 

When can we expect more music from you?

New music is coming within the next few months since I put out my first album Ambrosia, which is available on all platforms, I have released many singles since then. I’m currently working on a sequel to Ambrosia, which will be announced in the coming weeks. Thank you for your time! Follow me on Instagram @collinsonambrosia & my management @godspeed_music