Mark Fernyhough Spreads A Powerful Message With “Divided Cities”

Based in Berlin/London, Mark Fernyhough is a talented singer/songwriter and visual artist. Mark’s songs have been featured on BBC Radio and have received heavy rotation on major German stations. He has joined Gerry Leonard onstage and opened for Suede during three of their recent tours. Mark has previously been featured on many publications and is only continuing to grow his fanbase. 

Mark Fernyhough just released his epically electronic new single titled “Divided Cities”. The song brings into fuces topics like Brexit, Borders, and The Berlin Wall. The soundscapes and style have been compared to early New Order and Depeche Mode. Mark’s vocals are completely ethereal and transcendent. He meanders effortlessly through a vast musical arrangement with ease. “Divided Cities” carries a powerful message while maintaining Mark Fernyhough’s authentic, compelling sound. The new music video, directed by Mark in the German capital, features the aptly multicultural cast of French artist Camille Schaeffer, Mark’s Belarusian synth player Julia Runova and his Polish/German electro drummer Agata D’mon. We highly recommend you give it a listen and check out the new music video!

Listen to “Divided Cities” here.

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