Marni Knows We’re In Need of New and Relatable Music, Dropping His 3-Track EP 'In Need Of'

Alternative artist Marni releases his contemplative 3-track EP titled 'In Need Of'. From serene acoustic guitar to rounded rock instrumentation, Marni’s EP “In Need Of” captures a brilliant sorrow atmosphere, emphasizing the negative emotions that weigh on his shoulders. With a short and sweet biography “My name is Nicolas, I make music for people who need it. The sad, the lonely, the hardened and the outcasts.” Marni gets straight to the point in through his lyrics and his haunting sound. With his latest heartfelt and emotional EP 'In Need Of', we’re ready to take a much-needed journey through the soul.

The EP kicks off with its title track “In Need Of”, bringing forward Marni’s peaceful and skilled acoustic guitar playing. Growing wider in instrumentation by adding mid-tempo percussion patterns, Marni’s soft and haunting vocals take the forefront with mild filters creating space and breath within his ethereal voice. About halfway through, the blissful acoustic guitar picking stands alone, anticipating the reappearance of drums, electric guitar, and Marni’s soft vocals. Progressively growing louder with textured instrumentals, “In Need Of” reaches its peak about three-quarters the way in. The songs dynamic range perfectly starts off the EP, showcasing Marni’s pure and heartfelt songwriting.

The second track off Marni’s 'In Need Of' EP is the electronic two minute instrumental titled “I Luv U”. The track consists of one core melody, while it makes complex twists and turns throughout, and radiates overtop intricate electro-production. Shifting from what sounds to be an organ, slowly transitioning into a distorted synth with echoing background effects. Even though the main melody still stands, it provides a beautiful harmonic sound with the rest of the song's production which never really gets old. Evidently displaying Marni’s ability to shift from one sound to another, “I Luv U” adds luminous texture to the EP.

What we’ve noticed so far throughout Marni’s 'In Need Of' EP, is his talented ability to create a concise and detailed atmosphere without physically singing about it. The last track on the EP “Ghost” is a prime example of this. The song begins again with Marni’s soulful acoustic guitar strumming, moving into sorrow and contemplative lyrics like “You threw it all away, the world, the memories, cause, in the end, they both cause pain”. Yet about three-quarters into the serene track, it takes a sudden turn to heavier and gritty rock instrumentation. With distorted electric guitars, psychedelic rhythm guitar and complex drum patterns that move each bone in your body, “Ghost” concludes the EP with force and authority. Singing relatable stories of pent up negative emotions that we all endure, we’re moved by Marni’s music and how he crafts each song with the same passion and persistence.

Listen to 'In Need Of' here.

Hey Marni, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by your calming sound and textured production through your latest EP “In Need Of”! Could you share with our readers where Marni initially found inspiration to write the three-track EP, and how you started the whole process? Hello, well this year more than any year I really wanted to put out a large body of work. That starting with multiple EP’s. I released a 2 song EP entitled Hanging Man earlier this year and then with In Need Of I wanted it louder and more songs. My process with writing songs is usually that I have no process. Sometimes vocal melodies come first then guitar riffs and lyrics or it’s the other way around or it all comes at once. It’s never a set way when I write. I’ve learned to be okay with this process and know that it just takes time. I wrote Ghost and In Need Of earlier this year and I wrote I Luv U a year and a half ago on my phone. It was a song I wanted to sound distorted and not well recorded. But with In Need of and Ghost, I got together with my drummer and producer Nick Noble and we started work on recording demos and then fully maki these songs into full releases. 

Each song off your “In Need Of” EP serves different instrumentation and atmospheres, yet it all comes together as one cohesive story after a full listen. Could you elaborate on the message you wanted to showcase through the EP as a whole, and what the storyline says?

I wanted this EP to be very much a reflection of who I am/was as a person during that time and still continue to be. A lot of the songs deal with feelings and emotions that I deal with on a daily basis. Things I’ve gone through. In Need Of is very much a cry for help from someone who can barely stand being a human. I like to write stories, but at the same time a lot of what I write contains a bit of truth from my life. This EP was something I needed to write and get these things off my chest. 

The third and final track “Ghost” off Marni’s “In Need Of” EP brings a rock-influenced side of you that we didn’t expect. What made you chose to end off the EP with blood-pumping rock instrumentals?

I wanted to end this EP with a lot of noise. Ghost was a song that I knew needed to be an ending for an Ep or an album. It was the perfect way for me to end this one with. I had a lot of fun recording this one with my producer. Screaming into the mic take after take. It was cathartic in a way haha.

From your peaceful acoustic guitar playing to the rest of the EP’s electronic and real-life instrumentation, Marni has clearly grasped musical elements from many different genres. Could you expand on some major musical influences for Marni, and how they may have influenced your EP “In Need Of”?

I have a ton haha there’s so many influences musically that I draw from. Whether it is Townes Van Zandt, Frank Ocean, (sandy) Alex g, or even more obscure artists such as Cindy Lee. I draw from a lot. Especially people. I often listen to people talk and create stories of their lives in my head. The things they do or are gonna do. Mistakes they’ve made. Loves they lost. I just like to take as much influence from all aspects of life as I can. 

With everything going on in the world and all the stress and worrying we’ve endured, what message do you want your EP “In Need Of” to say to your audience? What main theme do you want your listeners to takeaway?

It’s hard to want your listeners to feel a certain way when listening to the music you make. When I make music and put it out I know that they’re not gonna know exactly how I wanted this to come across to them. It’s always going to be up to the listener to decide for themselves how it resonates with them. But ultimately I just want In Need Of to make you feel something. Anything. Just something. I don’t want it to be a specific feeling just as long as you felt something and it resonated with you, then I feel like the EP has done it’s job.