Marshall Poole Takes Its Listener On A Thought-Provoking Exploration With “So It Goes

Marshall Poole is a band of classically trained musicians who consist of the artists Melanie, Rider, Seth, and Michael. They collaborate within multiple projects of the Boise music scene including singer/bassist Melanie who is a rotating bassist for indie legends to built to spill. They weave multiple genres and techniques together; psychedelic instrumentals with southern rock songs and heavy riffs with intricate synth melodies.

Marshall Poole released their single titled “So It Goes” and this energetic and exhilarating record will have you on edge consistently throughout the entire song. Their vocals were eclectic and the instrumental playing was electrifying. You instantly grasp this adrenaline rush and you’re pumped up while elevating your mood through higher dimensions of each chord! The blooming guitar strumming was on point! It was progressive rock n roll while still having a refreshing youth to it. What I loved so much about “So It Goes” was the multiple transitions in dynamics and even melodies. One minute they’re up-tempo, fast-paced, and chaos, the other moment they’re highly electric, showcasing the grit in their style, but then they turn soft, more riveting, and more poetic. The lyrics during the poetically driven aspect of the song was super mesmerizing. The delivery of it will become unforgettable. “How can you change the world if you can’t change yourself” was a powerful message, and enlightened the listener into a thought-provoking concept. Marshall Poole hands down just turned us into a fan! And we’re excited to see what’s next under their sleeve.

Listen to “So It Goes” here and get to know more about Marshall Poole below!

Thank you for joining us Marshall Poole! What’s the history behind the cool band name? How did you come up with it?

Rider (guitarist) and Michael (drummer) were the first version of MP so during the conception of the band, they decided to give the band a personified name. The idea actually came from a street sign in Caldwell, ID (where the band was formed) - Marshall Place. So they changed the last part to "Poole" and that was it.

What are some challenges you may face in the creation process of your music?

In the past, our songs were formed by me [Melanie] or Rider bringing fully fleshed-out songs to the table and then everyone added their ideas to it. However, since creating this new album 'Pasadena', we've become 100% collaborative in the writing process. Now we each bring bits and pieces of riffs, melodies, chord changes, grooves, etc. and we find ways to put them together. It's been amazing to see our songs form because all four of our personalities come out in full force so the challenge is figuring out how to piece our ideas together into a cohesive sound, like a "collage". We love this challenge and have been able to sound more like us because of it.

How do you manage to fuse together four personalities into one style and sound?

By using clear communication and trusting one another.

While listening to “So It Goes”, it seems this song had a strong lyrical message that needed to be heard. Mind detailing the theme of this song?

Rider wrote the lyrics. Here is his personal response: It can be hard to pinpoint what some songs mean to everyone. To me, "So It Goes" is generally about dissatisfaction with things the way they are. I feel like I lay out problems in the verses that don't really have a solution. The refrain of "So It Goes" is basically saying that sometimes you just have to keep chugging along. In the spoken word section, I feel that the questions posed are not only me talking to an audience, but also me talking to myself. How could you hope to change the world with all of its complexities and situations out of your control if you can't change the one thing you have some degree of control of? You may not be able to change a situation, but you can certainly change your attitude towards it.

Any exciting upcoming performances Marshall Poole?

Yes! We have a couple tours coming up. Here are the dates: 7/25 - Salt Lake City, UT - Diabolical Records 7/26 - Denver, CO - Underground Music Showcase - Main Stage @ 4:20pm 7/27 - Denver, CO - Underground Music Showcase - Denver Drumz @ 6pm 7/28 - Grand Junction, CO - Baron's Bar 8/8 - Moscow, ID - The Bayou 8/10 - Olympia, WA - Pig Bar 8/11 - Portland, OR - Rontom's 8/16 - Boise, ID - The Olympic 8/20 - Boise, ID - Humpin' Hannah's


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