Martin Jr. comes “Alive” With His Latest Release

Martin Jr. is a NYC artist that's on the rise, with his new music. Martin Jr. was born and raised in Provence, Rhode Island. He has since moved to New York City to pursue his dreams in music. This twenty-six year old artist is ready to hit the music scene with his melodic harmonies and smooth lyrics. Martin Jr. has finally graced us with his debut release “Alive”.

This song goes really hard! I can totally hear it in today’s Hip Hop and R&B radio rotation. Martin Jr. has a sound similar to a blend of Ty Dolla $ign and his own new vibe that he brings to the table. "Alive" is one of those songs you can sit around listening to it on repeat, no matter the occasion, Martin Jr. has you covered. "Alive" has an into that will entice you, we loved the song opening up into guitar. It lulls you into the song, getting you fully ready for the beat to drop.

I really appreciate Martin Jr.'s lyricism throughout "Alive". It’s makes you want to love the life you live with it’s catchy hook. Sometimes we all take life, people and the things we have for granted. A nice reminder to take a step back and remember everything we have, even the little things we don't tend to appreciate on the daily. Martin Jr.'s vocal layers of sound are one of my favorite things about the R&B sound and he uses this well. Two big thumbs up for “Alive” - we can't wait to hear what's next!