Martina Armour Enlightens Us On "What It Feels Like" in a New EP

From Sweden to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and recording artist Martina Armour poses various necessary questions in her latest 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like.'

Known for her lyric-driven songs and heartfelt folk-pop sound, Martina Armour first began venturing into songwriting as a way to cope with the loss of her best friend. Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen, Martina Armour is able to reveal many personal truths and take listeners on needed ventures that enlighten us on Martina Armour's life experiences.

Now releasing her recent 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like,' Martina Armour opens the project with the intro track, "Knife." The song hauntingly begins with an ominous and cinematic piano melody and Martina Armour's breathy and delicate vocal stylings. The song's instrumentals are incredibly cinematic, especially as the haunting string section makes its appearance and emphasizes the song's deepened emotion. Speaking on Martina Armour's lyricism, she sings of her words as a ticking timebomb, waiting to be unleashed on someone. At the same time, Armour goes into depth on how she could never hurt what she loves, so she remains with a ticking timebomb under her breath.

Moving forward to track number two with "Trouble," Martina Armour softly opens the song with her lush vocals, a tender piano melody, and a warm acoustic guitar. As she begins to enlighten us on a troubled relationship, Martina Armour continues her heartfelt performance while elaborating on how she has no self-control when it comes to someone's love. As the instrumentals begin to expand in power and might, they drop us into the haunting pre-hook where Martina Armour prays for someone not to want her because if they do, they're bound to reach disaster. As the song comes to an end, Martina Armour warns her past lover that returning might not be the best scenario.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "Everything," this track opens on a more bright and relaxed note with a light-hearted instrumental and Martina Armour's delicate vocal stylings. As the tender instrumentals continue pouring through our speakers with incredible passion and emotion, Martina Armour's vocal delivery offers a similar venture as she paints wildly intimate and emotional scenes through her personal lyricism. While yearning to be someone's everything and wanting them to fall at her feet, Martina Armour closes the song on this profound note of introspection and passion.

Drenching us in endless emotion with the next piece, "On The Run," this song peacefully opens with a mellow piano melody and Martina Armour's emotional vocal delivery that expands on following all signs that lead to nowhere. As she feels lost in her relationship, Martina Armour makes it clear that she'll stay on the run until clarity graces every inch of her heart and soul. As the song begins to expand in power and emotion, Martina Armour moves towards the song's end with the utmost passion while blatantly asking someone if they care for the deepened emotion and sadness she woefully carries.

Onto the most chilling and emotional piece of the EP with "Slowly Lifting," the song opens with a beautiful and downtempo piano melody alongside Martina Armour's airy and emotional vocal delivery. Listeners can fully experience the pain and heart that Martina Armour has placed into this project merely through the gentle emotion and tone in her voice that tells a million different stories of loss and heartbreak. As her blissful and haunting harmonies serenade us with nothing but gentleness and fragility, Martina Armour makes her way to the song's end while summoning the courage to speak her mind to someone she holds dear to her heart.

Closing the EP with a beautiful rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Storms," Martina Armour opens the song with a plucky and chilling acoustic guitar melody alongside a gentle array of strings and pads that float in the background. As Martina Armour begins to serenade us with her soft and tender vocals, she brings us dead into the song's emotional theme with Stevie Nicks' heartfelt and soul-stirring lyricism, allowing us to feel every inch of passion and emotion that lingers within. As she powerfully closes the track, Martina Armour leaves us feeling more than ready to let our voices be heard by those who mean most to us.

We promise anyone will appreciate the heartfelt and honest lyrical venture Martina Armour has taken with her latest 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like,' as she's fuelled the project with endless emotion that strikes a wildly relatable chord in any listener. Find 'What It Feels Like' on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic Martina Armour. Congratulations on the release of your heartfelt and emotional 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like.' What inspired you to create such a powerful and soul-stirring project like this?

The main inspiration has been just going through the ups and downs of life, different relationships, and different kinds of love. You have the search for self-love/acceptance, impossible love, dying love, new love, etc. Each song represents a different kind of love. Most of these songs have been written and recorded while living here in LA (I’m originally from Sweden) so that’s definitely inspired me. It’s been a few very emotional years and I think you can hear that on the EP haha.

Did you encounter any personal challenges when being so vulnerable and open writing your lyrics for the EP 'What It Feels Like?'

It’s always very scary releasing personal songs in the world for anyone to hear. I’m the most honest in my songwriting, I express myself more in them than I do in 'real life' so it really does feel like reading a secret page out of my journal to strangers! haha. So the most challenging part is that fear, and you just have to get over it, otherwise, no one will ever hear your songs! But there’s also something quite freeing when being so brutally honest as well. You let it go and into the listener's hearts and hopefully they can relate.

Which track off 'What It Feels Like' is the most personal to you and dear to your heart?

I have a very soft spot for “On the Run”. It comes from a very raw place where I was looking for myself and acceptance, both from myself and others. It reveals all my personal doubts about myself at that time, wanting to be enough, to be loved and seen. I think it’s pretty universal and something we all go through, sometimes more than once when we shed the layers of who we thought we were and trying to find true ourselves. It’s also the song that I’ve performed the most live and have some fun performance stories about!

What did you want your audience to feel and take away for themselves after listening to the emotional experience that is 'What It Feels Like?'

I would love for the listeners to feel seen. I hope they find themselves in at least one of these songs and find comfort in that we all go through the same emotions, that nothing is forever, and that it’s beautiful to be you - even when you feel broken. I hope they find themselves remembering good times and make some new memories celebrating this precious life we have!

What's next for you?

I’m excited to promote this EP to as many ears as possible and hopefully get to play it live very soon here in LA. I’m already working on EP number two so there will be lots of more music to come. I’d love to produce more as well, after “Slowly Lifting” and “Trouble” I can’t wait to explore that even more!