Martina Armour Enlightens Us On "What It Feels Like" in a New EP

From Sweden to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and recording artist Martina Armour poses various necessary questions in her latest 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like.'

Known for her lyric-driven songs and heartfelt folk-pop sound, Martina Armour first began venturing into songwriting as a way to cope with the loss of her best friend. Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen, Martina Armour is able to reveal many personal truths and take listeners on needed ventures that enlighten us on Martina Armour's life experiences.

Now releasing her recent 6-track EP, 'What It Feels Like,' Martina Armour opens the project with the intro track, "Knife." The song hauntingly begins with an ominous and cinematic piano melody and Martina Armour's breathy and delicate vocal stylings. The song's instrumentals are incredibly cinematic, especially as the haunting string section makes its appearance and emphasizes the song's deepened emotion. Speaking on Martina Armour's lyricism, she sings of her words as a ticking timebomb, waiting to be unleashed on someone. At the same time, Armour goes into depth on how she could never hurt what she loves, so she remains with a ticking timebomb under her breath.

Moving forward to track number two with "Trouble," Martina Armour softly opens the song with her lush vocals, a tender piano melody, and a warm acoustic guitar. As she begins to enlighten us on a troubled relationship, Martina Armour continues her heartfelt performance while elaborating on how she has no self-control when it comes to someone's love. As the instrumentals begin to expand in power and might, they drop us into the haunting pre-hook where Martina Armour prays for someone not to want her because if they do, they're bound to reach disaster. As the song comes to an end, Martina Armour warns her past lover that returning might not be the best scenario.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "Everything," this track opens on a more bright and relaxed note with a light-hearted instrumental and Martina Armour's delicate vocal stylings. As the tender instrumentals continue pouring through our speakers with incredible passion and emotion, Martina Armour's vocal delivery o